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Trinity’s Sustainable Vision for the Future

The Environment and Sustainability Committee at Trinity College aims to improve the College's ecological footprint and promote the importance of sustainability in the community.

Through the combined efforts of the Committee in conjunction with Trinity staff, the group strives to meet these goals by reviewing and building upon the current sustainability practices Trinity has in place and exploring new ways to involve Trinity College in sustainability initiatives.
In 2018, the Committee will coordinate a number of sustainability events which encourage large-scale student involvement. These include Plant a Tree Day, Earth Hour and more. These initiatives have a direct positive environmental impact, but also play an important role in promoting awareness of sustainability and the environment.
The Committee also plays an important management role in planning and implementing sustainability practices within the College. This involves identifying specific features of the College, which have a large environmental impact, and developing strategies which minimise their effect. In 2018, the Committee will target a series of key areas including food wastage in the kitchen, electricity uses in buildings and water wastage in the College through various awareness strategies to combat our ecological footprint.  
Trinity Cleans Up Royal Parade
On 11 March 2018, Trinity College hosted its own Clean Up Australia Day, an annual partnership event between the Residential College and the Pathways School, Foundation Studies program, which is held to raise awareness about environmental degradation and the importance of proper waste disposal.
Over 80 members of the College spent a lovely Sunday morning collecting rubbish over at the Royal Park Nature Playground and surrounding park area, and care was taken to ensure that general waste was properly segregated from recyclables.
The event was a good opportunity for students to get to know each other and ended with a lunch at the park, during which the students were able to see the fruits of their labour and reflect on the ways Trinity's waste could be reduced. 
Jane Sykes, Subject Leader of Environment, Development and Design in the Pathways School, and the 2018 Sustainability interns, Tom Grills and Bethanie Chong, would like to sincerely thank all the staff and students who participated, and look forward to seeing everyone at future Sustainability events. 

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