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Novice Student Cyclist Rides to Improve Road Safety

Benjamin Hellebø, a third year Bachelor of Science student originally from Norway has been cycling for less than a year. On Sunday 17 September, he will attempt Amy's Gran Fondo Road Cycling Race (120 km road race) to help raise much needed funds to improve road safety and make cycling safer across Australia.

The Amy Gillet Foundation is Australia's leading cycling foundation, and works solely to make cycling safer in Australia, with the vision of zero bicycle fatalities. Each participating rider is encouraged to do their own fundraising ahead of this race, with the Amy Gillet Foundation as the beneficiary.

Despite only taking up the sport earlier this year, the opportunity to work for a safer road environment for all users triggered Ben’s interest.

‘Sadly, accidents do happen, and too often they are fatal. This is why the work of an organisation like The Amy Gillet Foundation is of great importance, and I believe everyone's contribution can help them move forward,’ says Ben.

The fundraiser stood out to Ben given its aims of improving road conditions for all road users. In his short time as a road cyclist Ben has witnessed many dangerous situations and says, ‘while one can always dispute whose fault it is, one thing we can all agree on is that neither drivers nor cyclists want accidents to happen.’

‘The Amy Gillet Foundation's determined work to improve cyclists' safety on the road is therefore of great importance, and I admire the individuals behind it for their dedication to the cause.’

In addition, to supporting this worthy cause, Ben also has the ambitious goal of finishing among the top 25% of riders from his age group, 19-34.

Ben has been living in Melbourne for the past two years and plans to stay in Melbourne after finishing his degree.

Ben’s goal is to raise $1,000 to help support the Amy Gillett Foundation. Sponsor Ben by following the link and help contribute to safer roads across Australia. 


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