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New partnership between Anglican theological schools

Trinity College Theological School, the University of Divinity and Perth’s Wollaston Theological College will partner in 2021.

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An agreement between Trinity College Theological School (TCTS), the University of Divinity (UD) and Perth’s Wollaston Theological College (WTC) will see WTC Formation students undertake their studies through the UD at TCTS, beginning in 2021. 

WTC is currently a member of the Perth College of Divinity, an interdenominational body that has been teaching theology courses through Murdoch University since 1986. WTC is responsible for theological education, formation and training of lay and ordained people in the Perth Diocese. 

TCTS, a member of the UD, will also sponsor qualified WTC academic staff for accreditation as members of UD. 

‘It is an exciting partnership,’ says the Revd Canon Dr Bob Derrenbacker, Dean of Trinity College’s Theological School. ‘We enthusiastically welcome students from Wollaston to Trinity. We know they will receive the high-quality theological education through Trinity that they received at Wollaston and Murdoch University.’

The partnership will pave the way for WTC to fulfill its desire to become a full and independent collegiate member of the UD in future. UD currently comprises 10 colleges, including TCTS, which is the University’s only Anglican college in Melbourne.  

'We are very pleased to have formed this partnership with Trinity College Theological School and the University of Divinity, and Wollaston will benefit from the very significant and well-deserved reputation the College and University have earned both here in Australia and abroad,' says Ric Barrett-Lennard, Locum Warden at Wollaston Theological College.  ‘Wollaston students will receive the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry, fully preparing them for their chosen path’.

Peter Sherlock, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity agrees. ‘Trinity College is the perfect choice for Wollaston students,’ he says. ‘We’re delighted by this partnership’.  

The agreement will be in effect until 31 December 2021, at which time it may be extended. 


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