Farewell, Meg

    In November we said farewell to Dr Megan Warner, who is leaving after several years' association with the Theological School.

    Dr Megan Warner's involvement included: as a theology student, as the first Morna Sturrock Fellow, and as a member of Faculty.

    She is moving to London and will marry her fiancé, the Revd Prof Richard Burridge.

    Meg completed her doctorate and graduated in 2012. Her main research area of interest was the Old Testament and particularly the figure of Abraham.  She taught units across the United Faculty of Theology in Old Testament. 

    As a lawyer, and a licensed Lay Minister, Meg also had a deep interest in Anglican Polity. She taught in the Anglican Polity and Anglican Identity unit alongside the Revd Dr Craig D’Alton, and made a terrific contribution there.

    Meg was also the Research Co-ordinator for the United Faculty of Theology in 2013, and she encouraged many students in their research work.

    As a colleague, scholar and friend, Meg will be greatly missed in the Theological School.