Connecting the dots

    Mallika Bajaj (TC 2007) came to Trinity from India to study digital media after making an amateur movie. We found out what she is up to now...

    What did you study and why? 

    I came to the University of Melbourne to study my BA in Media and Communications. Prior to Melbourne, I represented my country in tennis, however, while I was playing, I injured myself and was forced out of the game.

    In the hope to recover and not quit the game entirely, I made a short movie Play and Stay. It was well received by the International Tennis Federation and All India Tennis Association – and I realised the power of media. This fascination brought me to what I now call my second home, Melbourne.

    What did you enjoy most about studying in Australia?

    I thoroughly enjoyed studying at the University! The lecturers and tutors made learning fun by using examples from the latest trends such as digital and social media. All the staff were so approachable, motivating and taught us practical skills.

    Why Trinity?

    Trinity, of course, is one of the reasons I call Melbourne my second home. It was where I grew up. I made so many new friends that I now consider my family. I learned my worth, things I can do to change the world, how to create a world of my own, and the importance of doing good for others and for future generations to come.

    Most importantly, I realised life is all about connecting the dots. They don't seem to connect as we look into the future, but when we look back they make perfect sense. As a child, I planned a lot. I wanted to be a tennis player but ended up injured. I never dreamt of movie making but I did and it became the reason I came to study at the University of Melbourne. Things happen for a reason, and plans sometimes fail. But in the end, these dots connect and life is what we make of it.

    Do you have a favorite memory of your time at College?

    Trinity is my memory of my study at the University of Melbourne. It is where I stepped out of my comfort zone and became the entrepreneur I like to consider myself to be today.

    I loved going to Formal Hall and eating together as a family. It was like coming home after a long day and being with loved ones. Besides, who doesn't like to put on a gown and eat in a room that resembles something out of Harry Potter?

    What activities did you enjoy being a part of?

    I remember practicing on the Bul, attending College events, serving my friends dinner, proudly wearing green, white and red… I was also part of the Overseas Student Ambassador team at Trinity, and I loved it. Once I settled in, I realised how hard my time would have been without the support of my colleagues.

    What did you enjoy about your studies abroad?

    The fact that I have friends in every part of the world!

    On a more serious note, it has helped me become a global citizen with an increased knowledge and understanding about the world and its many different cultures.

    Tell us a bit about your company

    Little Yellow Beetle is India’s first 360 Degree Media Solutions Digital Studio.

    It is a digital studio that provides comprehensive solutions to digital media and branding requirements. Little Yellow Beetle aims to digitise nations and empower women through digital media. Studying abroad has helped me to connect with all different people from all around the globe and the power of digital media has helped us to keep in touch.

    What was it like setting up your own company?

    Magical! Little Yellow Beetle is my baby. The increased responsibilities of running a company has taught me a great deal and has made me a better person – proud, humble and environmentally aware.

    Future plans

    Still undecided! There are a couple of other ventures I’d like to explore, but generally speaking, I want to be of use to the world, empower women, and motivate people to believe – hard work and passion can achieve great things.


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