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Trinity Hosts Bittersweet Reunion at Edith Head Hall

It’s fair to say since Trinity took over the lease on Edith Head Hall (EHH) hostel for female students in 2011 there has been a fair few ups and downs.

Nevertheless, between 2011-2017, hundreds of female students from the Foundation Studies program have called the hostel home, providing a unique experience of living in Australia.

The first EHH reunion held on Saturday 7 October was bittersweet; it was both the first and last reunion to be held at EHH before the final student leaves on 8 December.

The reunion was a chance to celebrate the last seven years with a photo booth, afternoon tea, dress up games, lots of laughs, conversations and photos.

Associate Dean for Student Services, Alison Hemsley says the event emphasised the community and belonging that results from living with friends and classmates.

‘These girls have "friends for life" now and many still live with each other as they travel through to the University of Melbourne,’ says Alison.

Jen Nguyen, Fern Cheong, Maria Ibrahim, Vivian Cheng and Andrea Jallong from the 2015 intake have remained close friends since they lived at EHH describing the experience as ‘dramatic’. 

‘When a bunch of girls live together there is always drama, but when you come through it, it’s actually pretty amazing,’ says Jen Nguyen.

They miss the butter chicken that was itself a ‘reason to get up in the morning’ and being able to walk home from classes together. There was also the adopted cat Patches, whose weight ballooned as the students continued to feed him throughout their stay and the amazing Halloween party.

Nerida Hutchison has been manager of EHH since June 2015, she says the students are what makes the community so special and she will miss the sense of community.

‘A community doesn't work without you guys, if it wasn't fun I wouldn't be doing this job, you are the reason I’m here,’ says Nerida.

The next celebration will be a reunion for EHH staff before the College’s lease on the building expires in December.

Photos from the reunion can be viewed here.


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Trinity Hosts Bittersweet Reunion at Edith Head Hall

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