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Dorothy Lee AM

The Revd Professor Dorothy Lee AM, FAHA

BA(Hons), DipEd Newcastle, BD(Hons), PhD Sydney
Stewart Research Professor of New Testament

Headshot of the Revd Canon Professor Dorothy Lee, The Stewart Research Professor


Dorothy Lee AM is a New Testament scholar with a particular interest in the Gospels. She reads them from a literary and theological perspective, with attention to their context in the ancient world. Dorothy has many years experience of lecturing in this area, with a special focus on the Gospel of John as narrative and theology. She has also written and taught in the area of feminist theology and women's ministry in the New Testament. Dorothy is an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Melbourne associated with St Mary’s North Melbourne, a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Current Research Areas

  • the narrative structure and symbolic theology of the Gospels, especially the Gospel of John
  • the social and religious contexts and values of the New Testament world
  • the theologies of the New Testament
  • the spirituality of the New Testament writings
  • the place of women’s leadership in the church

Areas for Supervision

  • the background, literary structures and theology of the Gospels
  • the role of women in the New Testament
  • the Greco-Roman world
  • spirituality and the Bible 


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Community Engagement

  • Member of Doctrine Commission of the Anglican Church in Australia
  • Member of Fellowship for Biblical Studies
  • Member of Society of Biblical Literature
  • Member of Society of New Testament Studies