What Students Said

The Young Leaders Programs have been running at Trinity since 2001. The students who participate in these programs not only experience a taste of university life and their pathways to tertiary education, but also what it means to be a global citizen.

The learning that takes place outside of the classroom is just as important as the learning that takes place during classes. The students learn from each other about different cultures, values and languages. Our experience in running these programs is supported by our genuine belief that the opportunities offered to students will not only benefit them individually, but will also benefit the wider community. 

What the students said


The Young Leaders Program was an extraordinary experience where I got to meet people from all over the globe, the kindest of mentors and awe-inspiring professors.  The Social Justice and Personal Development streams taught me to look at life with a different perspective and to never be  afraid to take the first step towards making this world a better place.  It was simply fantastic to spend two weeks at Trinity College and I believe they were the best days of life.

Lala Rukh Junejo
July 2018
Social Justice, Personal Development


I spent three weeks at YLP and it was the greatest time in my life. I met great friends and mentors who were so kind and helpful. Regardless our race, religions, sexuality and countries, we were respected and loved each other. Before participating in this program, I always cared about what other people thought of me. Now, I have become proud of just being myself and want to challenge to expand my future.

Akito Yokoi
December 2018
Biomedicine, Arts, Performing & Creative Arts


I attended the Young Leaders Program in July 2014 and was part of the Commerce stream. What I learned in the program lead me to start my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne in 2016. During my second semester, I received a full scholarship to attend Trinity College as a residential student; an opportunity I would not have received if I was not so engaged with the Young Leaders Program as a student and mentor. To say that the Young Leaders Program was life changing is an understatement, because I would not be the person I am today without the Young Leaders Program.

Reegan Quick
Student July 2014
Mentor 2016, 2017 & July 2018 Commerce 


I had one of the best times in my life during YLP.  I got to meet so many inspiring individuals from different backgrounds and every single one of them has their own unique stories to share.   The program definitely helped me to be a better person and find my life goals. I made so many lifelong friendships and priceless memories.  I cannot thank the program and mentors enough.

Yi Xiang Chee
July 2018
Science & Engineering


It was my first time to be that far away from home, but I felt right at home attending YLP. Peers and mentors were so kind. I also experienced what Commerce may look like at university, I was energised and inspired more about how despite where we came from, we can all come together and form a strong bond to yes, last a lifetime! The experience made me even more confident that attending university overseas is for me and I cannot thank YLP enough for that!  

Chloe Suarez
December 2018


"He that travels far knows much.”  Stepping out of your comfort zone is one thing, while truly embracing the experience is another matter. I am grateful to YLP for the incredible experience to meet talented individuals from across the globe while embarking on a journey of discovering my prospective subjects; It has been an amazing journey and pleasure to experience Melbourne while cultivating the confidence to build a strong global network and develop everlasting friendships. 

Chester Cham
Hong Kong
July 2018

Science & Engineering


Being a part of the YLP community is something that I will always cherish and I am extremely grateful to have received the opportunity to take part in the program two years in a row. The course has helped me to expand my knowledge, awareness of the world, outlook on life and what my future has to offer. I know the friends I made will be friends for life and I can honestly say that spending another week at Trinity College was an experience of a lifetime, one that was completely different from my first YLP experience. Keeping in contact with the friends I made helped me realise how much I miss the program and how much I received from it, not only lessons and knowledge, but whom I want to surround myself with, what I know I can reach in the near future and how excited I am to see that come to life.

Bella Hall
December 2018





It was a time of unexpected and insightful experiences that gave many unique opportunities to learn new things, embrace diverse cultures and build self-confidence. Mentors and coordinators of the program did an incredible job and created a warm and long-lasting community where every individual feels a part of a great whole.

Anfisa Bogdanenko
December 2018
Biomedicine, Science & Engineering, Commerce


The Young Leaders Program has been the most memorable and life-changing experience in my life.  Throughout the week, we were encouraged to explore new dimensions of ourselves, to show respect to others, and to be actively involved in the community.

Phoebe Rose
July 2018