Academic Streams

Academic streams

The academic streams of the Young Leaders Program align with the University of Melbourne's undergraduate degrees to give students valuable insight into what their future studies and career path might look like. Sometimes it can be difficult choosing what to study at university, so YLP provides the perfect taster for students trying to make big decisions about life beyond school.


This stream provides a fascinating insight into the world of humanities and social sciences by exploring areas such as psychology, media and communications, criminology, philosophy, drama and environmental studies. Our innovative and highly interactive workshops and excursions are designed to encourage students to explore outside their comfort zone, inspire a passion for the arts and further develop key learning skills such as reflective, critical and independent thinking, problem solving and evidence-based decision making. This stream will leave students with lifelong connections and a greater understanding of the diverse subject choices offered through a Bachelor of Arts degree.


This stream is designed for students who want to build leadership skills to apply at school, in their future career, or in life in general. Through practical workshops led by professional practitioners, students will explore what it means to be a leader and how they might lead an effective team using different leadership styles. Students will embark on a challenging journey that builds self-confidence and enhances communication skills by working in small teams and preparing a leadership presentation to the group. Students have the opportunity to explore self-motivation, resilience and empathy towards others. They will also examine their own values and strengths and understand how to create their own personal branding to shape themselves and their future careers. By the end of the week, participants will have learnt tips, tools, and tricks to help them work effectively in a group across a multitude of settings.


This stream is targeted at students who are passionate about creating a fair and just world for all people, irrespective of their differences. Students will consider the basic principles of human rights to set the scene for an examination of local and global issues affecting the world today, including youth homelessness, poverty and gender inequality. Interactive workshops and excursions will encourage exploration of ideas and strategies to bring about positive change at home and abroad, and inspire participants to become positive agents of change to make the world more sustainable, inclusive and equitable.


This stream is ideal for students looking to develop skills and discover opportunities as a performer or artist. It will also let participants make connections with other young people who have a passion for the performing and creative arts. In this fast-paced intensive stream, the emphasis will be on skill development, and the creation of theatre, art and music in a caring and supportive environment. Students will participate in fun and engaging projects led by arts industry professionals, while learning about arts leadership and ways of developing and sharing original ideas with others. Melbourne is a vibrant cultural hub, so makes the perfect backdrop for this stream as participants visit the city's iconic theatres, galleries and arts precincts.


This stream lets students explore the world of medicine and medical research including genetics, human physiology, human structure, and function to find out what the Bachelor of Biomedicine is all about. Participants will investigate issues pertinent to our world today and look at the rapidly changing areas of genetics and bioethics. Laboratory sessions will include dissections of an eye, brain and heart, as well as a hands-on session at the College of Surgeons to learn about suturing and key-hole surgeries.


This stream is tailored to students who want to design a sustainable future, and are interested in the need to ensure our cities are places that are sustainable, resilient and liveable. It will explore what these terms mean and what design elements will be important for cities in the future. The stream will also consider how buildings can be designed so they are energy and water efficient and still pleasant to work in, the significance of parks in cities and their ideal features, and the kind of technology that will assist us to design a better world. These themes will be investigated through a mixture of interactive and innovative workshops and seminars, plus fieldtrips to parks and gardens, energy efficient buildings , the University of Melbourne's School of Design, the Victorian College of the Arts and more.


This stream is a great introduction for students hoping to pursue a career in business or commerce and will explore the fields of accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing. It will delve into the importance of teamwork in business and development of effective business networks to give students an industry edge. The art of developing a personal brand and leadership in business will also be covered.


This stream is ideal for students who are intrigued by human behaviour, are fascinated by the human mind or have an interest in mental illness. The major focus will be on factors that influence the onset and course of mental illness, as well as an exploration of the major disorders and their causes and treatments. The stream includes highly interactive workshops and excursions, including a visit to a historical lunatic asylum. Students have the opportunity to learn from individuals who have recovered from a mental illness, giving them valuable insight into human wellbeing and psychology.


This stream is ideal for students thinking about studying a Bachelor of Science and provides a taste of the exciting possibilities in chemical and biomedical engineering, electrical and mechanical systems, aerospace engineering, and physics. Students will look at how society is progressing in the world of technology, particularly in the advancement of solar cell technology, and discover the amazing innovations made in astronomy, science and engineering. As part of the stream, students will visit Scienceworks, participate in a robotics workshop and make their own solar cells and rockets.