Resident students are provided with three meals a day, served in the Dining Hall every day of the week during semester.

Set meal times provide important opportunities for students to come together as an academic community as well as to socialise and to eat. Students may request take-out meals, which are provided with disposable plates and utensils. 

Semester Meal Times


7.00 – 9.30am (Monday – Friday) Cafeteria style

7.30 – 9.30am (Saturday) Cafeteria style

7.30am – 2.30pm (Sunday) Brunch Cafeteria style


12.00 – 1.30pm (Monday – Friday) Cafeteria style

12.00 – 2.00pm (Saturday – Sunday) Cafeteria style


6.30 – 7.15pm (Monday – Thursday) Formal Hall

6.00 – 7.00pm (Fridays – Sunday) Informal dinner

Formal Hall

Referred to as Formal Hall, the formal dinner is an important aspect of College life when students are required to observe respectful standards of dress and behaviour. In keeping with the tradition of the world’s leading colleges, Trinity students are required to wear academic gowns to dinner on Monday to Thursday evenings and on special occasions. 

On these occasions the Dining Hall doors are closed at 6.30pm. Notices are read to the assembled community, and Grace is said or sung before the meal. College residents assist with the serving of meals according to a bursary duty roster. 

Light Refreshments

Tea, coffee and fruit are available free of charge in the Dining Hall and Junior Common Room throughout the day.

A food vending machine is located outside the ground floor of the Jeopardy building, and a soft drink vending machine outside the ground floor of the Cowan building.

Early, Late and Missed Meals

While the College encourages students to attend Formal Hall as often as possible, meals can be provided for people who are unable to attend because of other commitments. 

Students may place an order for an early or late evening meal using the College’s web portal but must do so before 3pm. 

Note that no rebate of fees will be provided for missed meals as the College prepares sufficient food for all resident students for each meal.

Vegetarian Meals and Special Diets

The College provides vegetarian, vegan and Halal meals for students who advise the College of their dietary requirements on their College application form. Kitchen staff will also try to assist students for whom a special diet has been prescribed by a doctor or dietician.

Meals for Guests and Others

Guests (accompanied by and signed in by a resident) may eat in the Dining Hall for most meals except special occasion meals. The charge of $7 per meal may be paid in cash or charged against the resident student’s account.

Non-resident students, staff and guests of residents may purchase lunch in the Dining Hall on most days during term.