Discovering a pathway at Young Leaders

In July, Trinity College welcomed more than 170 students to our various Young Leaders programs; students from China, USA, Indonesia, Dubai, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

The students not only experienced a taste of university life and their pathways to tertiary education, but also what it means to be a global citizen learning from each other about different cultures, values and languages.

This year a new academic stream was offered, Commerce. After a week of learning about economics and accounting, the students walked away with a greater understanding of green economics, marketing and finance.

Running alongside the successful Commerce Stream was the Arts Stream. From learning about the art of persuasion to the impact of media, the students engaged with each other and their teachers, coming away with an awareness of the effects of their actions and the decisions they make.

During the second week, students discovered their inner artist in the Fine Arts Stream. By exploring photography and performance art, participants learned to find art in every aspect of life, and got in touch with their creative sides.

Also in the second week, students were confronted with global issues of equity, human rights and poverty, and were challenged to engage and discover how these issues resonate with them, and their reality. By promoting awareness and an open mind, the Social Justice Stream gave a healthy insight into such issues and the possible solutions.

We were delighted to welcome international students to the English Intensive Stream. Through performing arts and pronunciation classes, these students created fantastic short plays and performed wonderful presentations, highlighting their improvement in mastering the English language.

For the first time this year, the July Program also included a VCE preparation stream, Engage Education at Trinity, giving students who might otherwise not have had the opportunity, a chance to experience college life and access to the University of Melbourne.

All programs were a huge success and gave participants an idea of where their future studies might take them and the endless career possibilities ahead. 

16 Aug 2013
Category: Learning