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07 Oct 2016

Central Australia Adventure 2016

From 17-21 September 64 Pathways School students and 8 staff embarked on a journey to Central Australia to explore the amazing culture and geography of this region.

Category: Foundation Studies

22 Sep 2016

Trinity College Celebrates Wellbeing Week

12 September to the 18 September was Wellbeing Week at Trinity College where the theme this semester was celebrating diversity.

Category: Foundation Studies

05 Sep 2016

Catching Up With Tony Klemm

Foundation Studies Mathematics teacher Tony Klemm talks about teaching and the use of maths in the real world.

Category: Foundation Studies

04 Sep 2016

Where are they now? - Willix Halim

Trinity has set up a strong foundation for me to pursue my university degree. In July 2004, I joined the Fast Track program. I was 16 at the time and the support from the mentors and the lecturers were amazing - helping me to prepare for my university journey.

Category: Foundation Studies

29 Jul 2016

Martin Scorsese Exhibition Comes Alive At Victoria Street

On Tuesday 19 July, educators from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) brought their Martin Scorsese exhibition to Trinity College Foundation School (TCFS) Media & Communications students.

Category: Foundation Studies

20 Jul 2016

Trinity College and a Family’s Dream

My Trinity story started with a dream of two special people in a small city in Indonesia, my mum and dad. They started lives in two humble families struggling to make ends meet. Dad eventually lifted up the family’s living standard through his hard work and dedication to his career. Meanwhile, mum and dad had a far-fetched dream for their sons to be educated overseas.

Category: Foundation Studies

18 Jul 2016

Dr Tamar Lewit, History of Ideas lecturer talks about coming full circle and her life outside TCFS.

Many years ago (in 1992!) I started work at Trinity College, with a student cohort of about 50 students. My career followed a roller coaster up and down the hills as TCFS and student numbers expanded, contracted, and exploded – it was a rocky ride, with many administrative duties and many students, as well as raising two children.

Category: Foundation Studies

06 Jun 2016

Where they are now – Joey Zhou and Joy Wang

Joey Zhou, February Main Program 2002 and Joy Wang, July Fast Track Program 2002, share with you their journey after Trinity.

Category: Foundation Studies

06 Jun 2016

Catching up with Jack Migdalek

Foundation Studies Drama teacher Jack Migdalek talks about teaching and his other passions.

Category: Foundation Studies

23 May 2016

FS student fundraiser

Psychology students from the Foundation Studies Program recently raised money for Oxfam and donated clothes to the Australian Red Cross.

Category: Foundation Studies

16 May 2016

Finding Your True Calling

What do a travel technology expert, active wear designer and gym owner all have in common? The answer; they all studied at the Trinity College Foundation Studies program in 1996 and are all pursuing their passions. These three alumni are proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Category: Foundation Studies

12 May 2016

Foundation Studies Literature teacher Neralie Hoadley talks about teaching and her other passions

I have been teaching in Foundation Studies since 1995. In that time I have taught in EAP and Literature over all the intakes we run. I am now teaching Literature in the February Main program and loving my work and my students as much now as twenty years ago.

Category: Foundation Studies

29 Mar 2016

Reporting from a Jurassic world

Three Foundation Studies October Fast Track students recently donned journalist caps and received a media invite to the new Melbourne Museum dinosaur exhibition.

Category: Foundation Studies

28 Mar 2016

Catching up with Rosemary Blight

Foundation Studies Drama teacher and Subject Leader Rosemary Blight (formerly Dansick) talks about how she applies her experience in drama outside of Trinity.

Category: Foundation Studies

28 Mar 2016

Stories from FS alumni: Indar Gill

Indar Gill, from Foundation Studies February Main 2002, shares his career journey and reflections on success.

Category: Foundation Studies

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