5 College News On 10 August, Ted Wyles was elected as Trinity’s 2017–2018 Senior Student in front of his peers and former Senior Students, including older brother Michael (2010–2011). A former Melbourne Grammar student, Ted is in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in philosophy and politics. Iffy Donnellan says learning every residential student’s name was a highlight of her time as Trinity’s 2016–2017 Senior Student. That adds up to around 300 names of students hailing from a wide range of locations and ethnic backgrounds from overseas, as well as from Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne and interstate. ‘I know it sounds like a really “small” thing,’ says Iffy. ‘But I think it’s really important, especially working with and getting to know the freshers.’ For Iffy, the most significant aspect of being Senior Student was helping people on a personal level. Iffy says support from the seven other committee members of the TCAC Committee was vitally important during her term as Senior Student. ‘In order to be successful, it’s not about having one person and seven others,’ she says. ‘Having “eight- strong” is so important. You’re all as capable as each other.’ A significant achievement during her tenure as Senior Student was increasing the level of education for residential students on Indigenous affairs. Iffy grew up in Melbourne and graduated from Caulfield Grammar. She was inspired by her mother Dr Adaobi Udechuku (TC 1984) to come to Trinity, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. A distinguished golfer and avid skier, Ted also plays football and cricket for the College. His election as Senior Student marks the first time two siblings have been appointed to this position. Ted describes his election as ‘the most amazing night of my life’. ‘They had a lot of old Senior Students come down and have a chat to me, including my brother,’ he says. Ted’s key priority as Senior Student is to create an environment in which students can make the most of their time and the exciting opportunities that exist at the College. ‘The College for me, in a broad sense, is a place of real excitement,’ he says. ‘A place where no matter what you want to pursue, whether that’s academics, sports, drama, or anything you want to do, the College should be a platform.’ IFFY STEPS ASIDE AS TED STEPS IN THANKS IFFY DONNELLAN; A JOB WELL DONE TED WYLES: REVITALISING THE JCR AN IMPORTANT STEP BY TIM FLICKER Supported by teammates, Iffy Donnellan holds the Inter-Collegiate Women’s Softball trophy aloft in 2016. The Senior Student in the Residential College plays an indispensable role in the College community. Elected for a one-year term by his or her peers, the incumbent ensures there is opportunity for all student voices to be heard and represented. The Senior Student is a driving force within the Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC), as well as in fostering good fellowship among members, and organising cultural, sporting, social and community activities. The Senior Student is also a member of the Trinity College Council and Board. Congratulations to Iffy and the seven other members of the 2016–2017 TCAC Committee – Sarah Abell, Eloise Bentley, Hugh Edwards, Harrison Emms, Katie Lynch, Holly McNaughton and Alistair De Steiger – on a successful year. Ted stresses the importance of all students and alumni from across the College engaging in a meaningful way. He believes revitalising the Junior Common Room (JCR) is important in achieving this goal. ‘If we can get the JCR functioning and have people talking about their ideas and passions and what they want to do, it will create a vibrant and innovative relationship between not only students, but everyone who walks in there.’ And a big welcome to the other members of the new TCAC committee for 2017–2018: Cam Beckingsale, Hugo Bienvenu, Matt Blair, Caris McClements, William Mullins, Caitlin Tjandra and Georgia Smith.