Trinitytoday 28 Trinitytoday 28 Art & Archives Over a year ago, the College consolidated its three former art and archival storage areas – office spaces and a basement prone to flooding – by relocating them to a purpose-built, climate-controlled storage facility in the Gateway building. College embossed buttons Six college-crested metal buttons as used on mid-20th century Trinity blazers were donated by Sandra Ingpen, having belonged to her late husband Murray Ingpen (TC 1957). Barry Marshall Eucharist Robert Pratt (TC 1962) donated an Order of Service booklet for the ‘Eucharist of Thanksgiving for the life and priestly work of the Revd Dr Barry Russell Marshall’, held at the College on 15 August 1970. 1930s tennis trophies Transferred from Korowa Anglican Girls’ School were two tennis trophies awarded to the late Marion Orme Page (née McPherson), an alumna of the Trinity Women’s Hostel. Marion won them playing at the College’s mixed doubles tournaments in 1936 and 1937. Student social events of the 1970s University of Melbourne Law Librarian Carole Hinchcliff (née Taylor, TC 1978) donated five lapel pins for the Trinity Trolley Ball (1979), and pins for the 1978 and 1979 College plays, The Bride of Gospel Place and Man and Superman, respectively. Warden Ken Hinchcliff (TC 1976) donated an original invitation to the 1978 College Ball, ‘Trinity’s Virgin on the Ridiculous’. Juttoddie mementos Barry Johnson (TC 1954) donated a pewter mug that he won in his fresher year for his participation in that long-held traditional steeplechase. He recalls: ‘My handicap was one brick for the heats, and one and a half for the SHOWCASING OUR (NEW) STORED COLLECTION RECENT ACQUISITIONS final! “Heavies” were employed to interfere with the runners to “work the odds” in betting. They hid behind the Chapel to do this!’ Retiring Bequests Officer Bishop James Grant (TC 1950) donated five photographic prints taken at the 1974 Juttoddie depicting Grant – then Joint Acting Warden with Rod Fawns (prior to Evan Burge’s commencement) – being led to a bathtub on the Bulpadock to be dunked in order to determine ‘the Episcopal volume’. Photos from the 1980s Penny Harrop (TC 1987) lent for digitisation a student photo album she had kept across the last years of that heady decade. Early ceramic ware The Asche family donated a glazed earthenware plate with a hand- inscribed crest of Janet Clarke Hall, along with a more formal, post-1964 Trinity-crested butter dish. Artworks In July, we unveiled a commissioned portrait of Trinity Fellow, Professor Marcia Langton, by renowned artist Brook Andrew. In October, we unveiled another painting commissioned by the College; Nicholas Harding’s portrait of Bill Cowan (TC 1963). The residential student art club, the ER White Society, made a discerning choice for their 2017 purchase by selecting an Australian Indigenous larrakitj (memorial) pole, Yathikpa, by acclaimed senior Yolngu artist, Nonggirrnga Marawili. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of alumni and friends of the College for their donations. BY BENJAMIN THOMAS Nonggirrnga Marawili Yathikpa 2013 (AK19054) Larrakitj: Earth pigments on hollowed trunk Height: 255 cm Image courtesy of the artist, Buku-Larrnggay Mulka and Alcaston Gallery, 2017 Artwork photography: Chris Groenhout