Trinitytoday 40 Trinitytoday 40 At the Senior’s Lunch in the Dining Hall in April, Taffy Jones PSM AM spoke amusingly of his College days 60 years ago, to which fellow alumnus Dick Sutcliffe gave an apt and heart-felt response. Many thanks go to Dr Susan Lim and Deepak Sharma, the very generous hosts of this year’s Trinity gathering in Singapore. News of the gathering, one of Trinity’s eleven alumni events held overseas in 2017, is spreading with over 30 in attendance this year. Dick Sutcliffe (TC 1957), John Poynter (TC 1948) and John Carre-Riddell (TC 1948). Susan and Deepak’s beautiful residence. James Houghton (TC 1953), Jennifer Wraight and Susan Simmons. Ken and Carole Hinchcliff, Dr Susan Lim and Deepak Sharma. David Fenton (TC 1962), David Hedger (TC 1963) and Andrew Farran (TC 1957). Charles Taylor (TC 1994). Nigel Buest (TC 1957) and Charles Clark (TC 1941). Luis Duhart (TC 2011). Harold Riggall (TC 1960), Daryl Wraith (TC 1959) and John Guthrie (TC 1959). Bryan Tan (TC 2004), Kai Shian Tan (TCFS 2004) and Leanne Kong (TCFS 2004). Geoff Burrage (TC 1947) and George Lucas (TC 1948). Claire Peterson (TC 2013) and Ken Hinchcliff (TC 1976). Taffy Jones (TC 1957). James Murray (TC 1990) and Pheobe Ang (TCFS 1993). Singapore Gathering Senior’s Lunch