37 EUGENIE BUCKLEY (TC 1996) Eugenie is a trailblazer in the sports law industry, and was recently recruited to become Head of Commercial and Strategy, for the establishment of the Indo-Pacific Rugby Championship (IPRC). After living in College and studying Sports Law at the University of Melbourne, she created her own sports law practice, Ebsworth & Ebsworth, with clients such as the Australian Rugby Union and Olympic federations. She then moved in-house as Head of Legal and Commercial, Rugby World Cup 2003 and then General Manager, Business & Legal Affairs for Football Federation Australia and the International Cricket Council. The inaugural IPRC season is set to feature six teams, starting in August 2018. The season will run for 10 rounds between August and October, with the top four teams reaching the finals. Countries that have expressed interest include Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Samoa, Fiji, South Korea and Malaysia. We are pleased to report that if the ARU endorses the competition, players who sign for the IPRC will remain eligible to play for the Wallabies. CAITLIN MURRAY (TC 1987) It’s been 30 years since Caitlin was at College, and in her words, she was ‘bummed’ that she missed the 30-year reunion. ‘The photos were great!’ she says. ‘Looks like you had a fabulous night.’ These days, Caitlin works as an illustrator–designer for the children’s toy company, Tiger Tribe, and is currently illustrating a children’s book for publisher, Hachette Australia. Caitlin also has her own fine art practice under the name PESKY, and describes her work as ‘street-based photo–illustrations with a design edge’. Many of her representations of Melbourne inner-city structural icons, such as the Moran & Cato and Paterson buildings in Fitzroy, consciously feature webs of tram lines as being as integral to the artwork as the lines of the buildings themselves. Caitlin is represented by Port Jackson Press Gallery in Collingwood where she exhibits regularly. You can see her fabulous prints at portjacksonpress.com.au and her illustration work at caitlinmurrayillustration. com Caitlin lives in Melbourne with her husband, her cat and her many art projects. MORGAN KOEGEL (TC 2010) At the age of 25, Morgan Koegel is not only the youngest member of the One Girl team, but also its CEO. One Girl is an organisation committed to educating girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda through programs that target gender inequality and factors that keep women out of the classroom. It was the focus on sustainable and smart development that drew Morgan to take up this post after studying the JD at the University of Melbourne. Previously, Morgan was Sector Development Manager of Prison Legal Education Australia, where she worked in prisons across the state, and CEO of Engage Education, a not-for-profit keeping Australian students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in school. She is a passionate believer in the power of education and the capacity for young people to do anything they set their minds to. The ambitious target to ‘educate one million girls across Africa’ is what in her words ‘gets her out of bed every morning’ and is what inspires her team. If you are interested in donating to or reading more about this amazing organisation and the work that Morgan is doing, go to onegirl.org JU-HAN SOON (TC 2003) Work-life balance is something most of us aspire to, but rarely achieve. Ju-Han Soon is a man enjoying balance. An FS and Residential College alumnus, he completed his Bachelor of Engineering (IT) in 2006. Since then, Ju-Han has contributed to the delivery of many major projects for the Victorian railway industry, including creating passing lanes and upgrading level crossings along the Melbourne- Sydney railway and creating a new dedicated line for regional train services between Melbourne and Geelong (Regional Rail Link). He is currently a Systems Engineering Lead on the Rail Systems Alliance of the Metro Tunnel Project. But the creative side of Ju-Han, that complements his work life, lies in the performing arts. A consummate dancer in all forms – ballroom, Latin, ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap – as well as an actor and singer, he balances his challenging career with performance. His recent theatre roles include King Mongkut in Babirra’s The King and I, for which he was nominated for ‘Best Male Performer in a Leading Role’. We will keep you posted about upcoming performances!