Trinitytoday 4 College News The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellency General the Honorable Sir Peter Cosgrove, officially opened Trinity College’s Gateway building on Thursday 2 March 2017. The opening was attended by more than 170 guests, and included business leaders, church and government representatives, and senior figures within local and international education. ‘This building with all of its glass, wood and metal, reinforces what we know to be true as people that education is a pathway to our future,’ Sir Peter said. ‘It’s also a pathway to harmony between all people, and that we, by embracing different cultures, faiths and world views, grow closer to each other and less far away from that big wide world.’ Key features of the Gateway building include 25 tutorial rooms, an auditorium with capacity for 250 people, five drama rooms, an art gallery, six music practice rooms, computer and physics laboratories, archival storage and student common spaces. The facility was designed by Trinity College alumni Craig Brown and GOVERNOR-GENERAL OPENS THE GATEWAY BUILDING Steve McIldowie from McIldowie Partners, and built by Kane Constructions. As Kay Attali, Advancement Associate, Major Projects, announces her retirement, journalist and documentary filmmaker Louis Dai (TC 2007) reminisces on the life- changing influence Kay Attali had on him during his time at Trinity. Due in part to Kay’s assistance, Louis was able to secure the NCS Scholarship, and later a Trinity Scholarship, to study at Trinity College. Kay has had such a remarkable impact on my life that it’s hard to imagine what it would have been like had it not been for her kindness and generosity. Like most people she helped, I came from an unenviable background. My growth and potential, as is often the case for people from unsettled homes, played second fiddle to my circumstances. Kay was one of a group of people at Trinity who took it upon themselves to give me a chance during a time that was crucial for my emotional and intellectual growth. I was given a burden-free place to grow, make mistakes of my own, and live the privileged college life that my parents could only have dreamed of. IN PRAISE OF KAY ATTALI As a scrawny Vietnamese– Australian boy, I will be forever indebted to Kay for believing in me, giving me the space to mature and allowing my ambitions to grow unhindered. Since graduating, I have had the luxury to follow my dreams, however impractical they may be. Kay’s commitment to the belief that no one should be left behind made Trinity a better place. Her mix of kindness and audacity has had a lasting impact on a number of students who went through Trinity, and I can only hope that the College continues to uphold Kay’s unerring belief in helping and supporting those who need it most. BY LOUIS DAI BY TIM FLICKER ‘This building is now officially open’, Lady Cosgrove and Sir Peter Cosgrove officially unveil the Gateway building plaque assisted by the Warden, Ken Hinchcliff. Kay Attali is the Advancement Associate, Major Projects at Trinity. Kay was instrumental in securing $500,000 from Rio Tinto, which led to the formation of the Bachelor of Arts (Extended) degree, and obtaining Leith Trust funding so the course curriculum could be developed. Kay helped mentor and support many students throughout their time at the College and after they graduated. Kay will finish working at the College in December 2017. On behalf of students, alumni and staff of Trinity, we wish Kay all the best for a happy retirement. Kay Attali (second from the right) with students Tiana Oxenhan, Lorraine Jaffer, and Jacob Cubis.