41 Thanks to Hugh Abey, Jen Miller, Kate Huntington and Tim Bain for their amazing help getting the 1997 gang back together in April. The 90’s’ sound track and Tim’s amazing gold lamé pants brought all the memories back! The annual Founders and Benefactors took its traditional and elegant form this year with a splendid Chapel service and formal dinner in the Dining Hall. The occasion was further dignified by the unveiling by Angus Trumble of the College’s latest portrait - of Bill Cowan. BIll Cowan with family and friends. The perfect evening. Bill Cowan AO (TC 1963) and Imogen Cowan (TC 2013). Matt Blair (current student). Ken Hinchcliff (TC 1976), Bill Cowan (TC 1963), Angus Trumble (TC 1983) and Campbell Bairstow. Ian Solomon (TC 1989), Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Trinity College Foundation. The elegant table setting. Hugh Abey (TC 1997), Patrick Renwick (TC 1996), Robert Craig and Tim Bain (both TC 1997). Meg Caffin (TC 1996), Anna Spraggett, Kelly Cooch and Sam Mellett (all TC 1997). Marnie McQueen and Stephanie Williams (both TC 1998). Zoe Keon-Cohen, Marney McQueen ( both TC 1998), Tom Snow (TC 1996), Kate Huntington, Eliza Helm and Melissa Hanton (all TC 1997). Jen Miller and Nicol Gaffney (both TC 1997). Don Markwell and Nick Armstrong (TC 1995). Nick Agar (TC 1997), Will Spraggett (TC 1996) and Julian Clark (TC 1997). Founders and Benefactors 20-year Reunion