Trinitytoday 32 Trinitytoday 32 WELCOME FROM THE PRESIDENT COMPANION (AC) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA Mr Julian MCMAHON (TC 1986 and Past Res Tutor) VIC For eminent service to the law and the legal profession, through pro bono representation of defendants in capital punishment cases overseas, as an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, and to human rights and social justice reform. OFFICER (AO) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA The Right Reverend Kay Maree GOLDSWORTHY (TC 1981 and Current Board Member) VIC For distinguished service to religion through the Anglican Church of Australia, as a pioneer and role model for women, to church administration, and to pastoral care and equality. Professor Donald James ST JOHN (TC Non-Res 1959) VIC For distinguished service to medicine, and to medical research, as a gastroenterologist, to innovative public health cancer screening programs, and as a mentor of young clinicians. 2017 QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY HONOURS Trinity College extends its congratulations to the following alumni and friends of Trinity who were recognised with Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2017. MEMBER (AM) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA Mr Peter Mark BUTLER (TC 1972) NSW For significant service to the community through a range of charitable organisations, and to the provision and promotion of pro bono legal services. MEDAL (OAM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Mr James Donald HIGGS (TC 1969) VIC For service to cricket. Mr Nathaniel John WHITE (TC 1959) VIC For service to the wine industry. MEDAL (OAM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Professor Margaret Mary SHEIL (Current Board Member) VIC For distinguished service to science and higher education as an academic and administrator, through significant contributions to the national research landscape, and to performance standards. BY PROFFESOR JOHN KING (TC 1961) Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. The word is derived from the Greek nostos (to return home) and algia (pain) and describes a type of homesickness or melancholia caused by prolonged absence from one’s home or country. Nostalgia is a yearning for the lost past, and is particularly strong in college graduates who see days gone by in a rosy light while forgetting the stress of exams, finances, relationships and finding one’s place in the world. The fond memories arise from making new friends, the stimulation of university and college life, the academic, social, sporting and cultural activities, and the freedom which college life provides. We have the opportunity to meet students from many disciplines during our time in college and make many friends for life. Nostalgia is not always a delusion. Returning to Trinity these days is quite uplifting; the grounds are magnificent and the student body is remarkably diverse, talented and successful. One can’t help feeling how lucky one was to spend time in Trinity, so close to the University and among so many students destined to make major contributions to Australian life. A great deal of thought goes into the selection of each annual intake, and while academic merit is fundamental, the College is mindful of ensuring it takes a cross-section of our community. In many cases this means providing or contributing to scholarships for some talented students who need financial support. Any alumni interested in this program should contact the College Advancement Office. The College’s Strategic Plan is now complete. It is about the future, the purpose of the College, the size and composition of the residential student body, the Pathways School, the Indigenous programs, the new buildings required, and many other aspects which will determine the course of the College over the next 10 or more years. If you are in the area, visit the College and if possible attend the various functions during the year to catch up with old friends. Alumni of all ages are very welcome at the Drinks Under the Oak in early March each year. Professor John King (TC 1961), President of the Trinity College Alumni Association.