39 It was all you needed for a great night – mini golf, a competition, drinks and almost 100 young alumni! – David Dixon, Georgie Davie, and Jack Young were among those commended for their ‘skills’ (or lack of!). The president of the Union of the Fleur-de-Lys welcomed a record 244 alumni and guests to the annual Drinks Under the Oak on 3 March. It was a splendid evening with alumni spanning sixty-eight years, and plenty of inter-generational networking. Sam Seward, Simon Hann, Campbell Jones and Simon Glover (all TC 1989). George Coleman (TC 2014 ), Edgar Bruce (TC 2013) and Will McFarlane (TC 2015). Iain Jennings (TC 1988), Leila Lee (TC 2004) and Pete King (TC 1989). Noaya Tashiro, Kane Lo, Hanna McCreath and Rhiuaridh Williamson (all TC 2012). Greta Williams (TC 2012), Kirsten Callendar (TC 2012), Ness West (TC 2011) and Gaby Lefevre (TC 2012). Peter (TC 1981), son Kit (current student) and Melissa Hebbard. Senior students unite. Drinks Under the Oak 2017 Young Alumni Drinks Sarah Van Der Post (TC 2014), Jack Young (TC 2013) and Hugo Edwards (TC 2012). Winners are grinners! David Dixon (TC 2014). The Bar was pumping! Imogen Smith-Waters (TC 2011) and Marika Hall (TC 2014). Olivia Whitaker (TC 2012), Lauren McKenzie, Fiona Gunn, Georgie Davie and Vicky Tan (all TC 2013). Jirra Moffatt (TC 2012), Charlie Martin (TC 2013) and Jack Dawson (TC 2014). Will Breidahl (TC 2009).