Trinitytoday The Trinity Board has now approved the remaining six key initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan; 2018 will see us commence the exciting phase of implementation. The strategic planning process started in February 2016. Working with Social Ventures Australia, a team of specialists in the not-for- profit sector, Trinity developed its Strategic Plan, ‘Unlocking Exceptional Promise’. The Plan builds on our solid foundations while delivering on our priorities of enhancing the student experience, diversifying our student body, engaging our alumni, and embracing reconciliation. The process also identified a wide range of ideas for future opportunities. The result was eight Flagship Initiatives, the final six of which were approved by the Board on 23 August 2017. Our priorities are now clear. We will work to grow the Pathways School and provide more students with Trinity College’s transformative educational experience. We will continue to build our 25,800-strong alumni network by integrating alumni from across all our divisions. We will remain committed to increasing diversity and inclusion by attracting students from different backgrounds, experiences and aspirations while continuing to honour the strong alumni connection of the College. Our vision is to see more students from rural and regional areas, as well as public education backgrounds, having opportunities to excel. As such, a key focus will be to expand and grow our student scholarships and the size of the Residential College. We will continue to build the College as a centre for excellence in Indigenous education and provide Indigenous students with the chance to experience the highest quality in education and support. We will achieve this by establishing an Indigenous Higher Education Centre. We will further enrich academic life by expanding the membership and offering of the Senior Common Room (SCR). Leading scholars and influential alumni from Trinity College, the University of Melbourne and the University of Divinity will be invited to join the SCR community and build on our reputation as the pre-eminent university college in Australia. And we will support our goal of investing in research to position the Trinity College Theological School as a leading academic institution, enabling it to hold a thought- leadership position. Our new Strategic Plan is about expanding, diversifying and strengthening what is already a truly transformative experience. Our students remain central to life at the College. We want students who are socially conscious and community-minded, who can uphold our rich collegiate traditions as well as being open and accepting of changes, who can think globally and act locally, who are strong minded, yet able to listen to others. We want students who can imagine and achieve a better world. To enable this vision, the College is investing in staff experience and development, improved processes and technology, and facilities and infrastructure. Approval of these initiatives marks the (beginning of) a turning point for the College. While we pursue our exciting new vision for the future we will remain committed to offering students an experience that shapes minds and attitudes, motivating them to make a thoughtful impact in life. TRINITY COLLEGE’S VISION FOR THE FUTURE 14 14 BY SARAH LAWRIE College Strategy