TRINITY TODAY THANKING OUR DONORS 30 John Sevior (TC 1981) has a reputation for being careful with money. Not just his own but, as one of Australia’s leading fund managers, other people’s as well. The industry veteran made his name at Perpetual Trustees when, in the 14 years from 1998 to 2011, he grew his concentrated equity fund from $600 million to $17 billion. He now heads up Airlie Funds Management in partnership with the Magellan Financial Group. When John was inducted into the Fund Managers Hall of Fame in 2011, he was noted for his propensity to give back. Now John and his wife are helping Trinity College by endowing the Frank Henagan Scholarship for a talented resident who couldn’t otherwise afford to come to Trinity. ‘The greatest gift in my life was the wonderful educational experiences I was given,’ says John. ‘This was the main enabling force in my life that allowed me to do things and meet people I couldn’t have conceived of meeting 40 years ago. I want others to have that opportunity, so, hopefully, the recipients of this scholarship will gain from the rich Trinity experience and have their horizons broadened, as happened to me.’ John says he was firmly in the bottom quartile academically, but thinks life is about more than just achieving qualifications. ‘There are many elements to living a fulfilled life and college is a place where you develop a whole range of skills. It’s an environment where you learn to build empathy and trust – qualities that are critical for a healthy, functioning society.’ A keen sportsman, John represented Trinity in cricket (1st XI), football (1st XVIII), soccer and tennis, bringing him into close contact with legendary sporting coach and College identity Frank Henagan, after whom the scholarship is named. ‘I really admired Frank’s directness – he never minced words. I copped, and probably deserved, my share of half- time sprays,’ John recalls with a wry smile. ‘Frank was a wonderful grounding influence – a great leveller – and there was always a deep underlying truth in what he said, which is why everyone respected him so much. ‘Despite being a cranky bugger at times, we knew he cared deeply for the students and their welfare. He was a guy worth honouring through this scholarship for all the good things he represented and the care and time he put into the College. I like what he stood for.’ John himself remains naturally down-to-earth, attributing this to his choice of role models. ‘I have always been drawn to people who’ve accomplished something, yet remain humble and can laugh at themselves,’ he says. And at the end of the day, John lives by the simple philosophy of doing your best and trying to help others along the way. Trinity is thankful for his generosity as we know his kind contributions have helped many. A life most fulfilling A straight-shooting sports coach and a carefully managed finance career led John Sevior to endow a Trinity scholarship, writes Rosemary Sheludko. ‘I have always been drawn to people who’ve accomplished something, yet remain humble and can laugh at themselves.’