26 MY TRINITY CONNECT MENTEE JOSH PARKER (TC 2016) Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance and economics Why did you decide to find a mentor? University only prepares you so much for your future, so I’ve approached a number of mentors to gain insights into their career paths and to assist me in my decision making. By learning more about different industries I can make well-informed decisions moving forward. How has Lucy helped you?  I approached Lucy because of her breadth of experience in banking, management consulting and engineering. With these all being areas of interest to me, it’s great to hear about her experience and career progression. What do you most admire about your mentor?  I admire Lucy’s focus on self- development and learning, alongside her ability to be dynamic across various industries throughout her career. MENTOR LUCY SALIBA (TC 1997) Global Head of Business Execution, Financial Institutions Group, ANZ What topics or subjects do you cover in your sessions? The focus has been on giving Josh career advice on the banking industry and his application for the ANZ internship program. Why did you decide to be a mentor?  I really enjoy being able to share my experience with others and help them navigate their own career choices and development. I’ve worked in a number of different industries and roles since graduating from university and think it’s important to show people that their career will most likely take a number of different paths – you don’t need to map it out 100 per cent from the outset. The other thing I think is very important for others to understand is the value of transferrable skills. I have moved from engineering to management consulting to banking, but there are a lot of common skills that I could transfer from one to another. Did you have a mentor?  Throughout my career, I have had a number of informal mentoring relationships. It certainly helped to have someone to bounce ideas off, ask for advice and receive feedback from. TRINITY TODAY One of the great strengths of Trinity’s online alumni platform, My Trinity Connect, is its ability to link mentors with young people eager to learn from those who have gone before them. We asked a mentor and mentee how engaging in the College’s alumni network had helped them. INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MENTOR? If you would like to become a mentor, simply sign up at mytrinityconnect.com.au and select ‘Willing to be a mentor’ under the ‘Willing to help’ section of your profile. Students can then contact you directly to start a conversation. Making connections