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The Council and Board have appointed committees to provide specialist advice and expertise to the governance process.

As at December 2016

Committees of the Council

Fellows Committee

Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College, Chair
Mr William Cowan AM, Fellow of the College
Mrs Louise Gourlay, Fellow of the College
Associate Professor Alison Inglis, Fellow of the College
Professor Richard Smallwood AO, Fellow of the College

Committees of the Board

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Ms Susanna King, Chair
Prof Tom Kvan
Ms Laura Mumaw
Ms Katherine Rekaris
Mr Derek Skues
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College

Mr Gary Norman, Director Major Projects

Pathways School Business Committee

Mr Charles Sitch, Chair 
Ms Karen Poh
Ms Rachel Teo
Mr Richard Tudor OAM
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College 
Regular attendees: 
Denise Bush, Dean Pathways School 

Finance and Audit Committee

Mr Ian Ward-Ambler, Chair
Ms Vanessa Blsogni
Mr Andre Carstens
Mr William Cowan AM
Mr Charles Read
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College

Investment Management Sub-Committee

A committee reporting to the Finance Committee

Mr Syd Bone, Chair
Mr Ian Ward-Ambler, Chair of the Finance Committee
Ms Sue Dahn
Mr Jono Gourlay
Mr Peter Hodgson
Mr Peter Wetherall
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, 
Warden of Trinity College

Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee

Mr Jim Craig, Chairman of the Board
Mr Ian Ward-Ambler, Chair of the Finance Committee
Ms Kathleen Bailey-Lord
Mr Bill Cowan AM
Mr Charles Sitch 
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College 

Theological School Committee

The Rt Revd Kay Goldsworthy (Diocese of Gippsland), Chair
Dr Barbara Cargill

The Very Revd Christopher Chataway (Diocese of Ballarat)
The Revd Canon Dr Raymond Cleary AM

The Rt Revd Andrew Curnow AM (Diocese of Bendigo)
The Revd Thomas Leslie (Diocese of Wangaratta)
The Revd Canon Dr Colleen O'Reilly (Diocese of Melbourne)
The Revd Canon Professor Dorothy Lee, Dean of the Trinity College Theological School
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College
Regular attendees: 
The Revd Dr Don Saines, Director Ministry Education Centre                                                                                                                           


Committees of Associated Organisations

American Friends of Trinity

Ms Louise Pennell, Chair
Mr Jon Adler
Mr Simon Bell
Mr Scott Charles
Mr Phillip Cohen
Mrs Lisa Garratt
Mr Ken Shaw
Ms Caroline Tilleard
Ms Jennifer Wraight

Committee of the Union of the Fleur-de-Lys—The Trinity College Alumni Association

Professor John King AM, President (TC 1961)
Ms Dawn Leicester, Secretary (TC 1979)
Mr Paul Andrews (TC 2006)
Miss Kate Calder (TC 1989)
Ms Anni Grimwade (TC 1981)
Ms Rachel Hann (TC 1991)
Mr Jason Hughes (TC 2009)
Mr Ross Macaw QC (TC 1965)
Miss Alison Robson (TC 1994)
Professor John Royle OAM (TC 1954)
Mr Andrew Tulloch (TC 1987)
Mr Michael Wyles (TC 2009)

Executive Committee of the Foundation

Mr Ian Solomon, Chair
Mr William Cowan AM
Ms Sophie Gardiner 
Mr Jono Gourlay
The Rt Revd James Grant AM
Mr Mark Leslie
Mr Michael Munckton
Ms Annabel Myer
Ms Amy Tennent
Prof Ken Hinchcliff, Warden of Trinity College
Mr Scott Charles,
 Executive Director of the Foundation