What Students Said

The Young Leaders Programs have been running at Trinity since 2001. The students who participate in these programs not only experience a taste of university life and their pathways to tertiary education, but also what it means to be a global citizen.

The learning that takes place outside of the classroom is just as important as the learning that takes place during classes. The students learn from each other about different cultures, values and languages. Our experience in running these programs is supported by our genuine belief that the opportunities offered to students will not only benefit them individually, but will also benefit the wider community. 

What the students said


The Young Leaders Program is a glimpse of college life.  It encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to a whole new world of experiences in a positive spirit.  YLP helped me to discover myself, broaden my perspective, acquire the strength to believe in myself, and develop lifelong friendships. My experience at Trinity College included meeting inspiring mentors, lecturers and fellow young leaders which has enriched my life.
Chihiro Nagasawa
December 2017
Arts, Law & Justice, Commerce


The Young Leaders Program was an amazing opportunity. It enabled me to interact with students with diverse interests from different countries from all over the world. In the workshops, I was able to develop leadership skills and strategies to achieve good outcomes. These lifelong skills are universal and I can put these into practice at school and into the future. I also now have a strong global network of friends that I was able to meet through the Young Leaders Program.
Alex Unmack
December 2017

Personal Development for Future Leaders


YLP is not like any other leadership program I have attended. It was well planned with great exposure to the courses I aspire to take in University. I made so many wonderful friendships which I believe was thanks to programme's activities, mentors and Trinity's conducive environment to get me to step out of my comfort zone. I hope YLP continues to last so others would also get to experience this fantastic program! 
Chatchaya Lookhanumanjo
December 2017
Biomedicine, Science & Engineering



YLP has definitely been a life-changing experience and I would highly recommend it to any young person as this program provides students with great insight into their favoured courses.   At YLP I was provided with a great team of support, a dozen of inspiring mentors sharing their journeys to success. YLP provides students with a cultural diverse environment where life-long networks are built from around the globe. I cherish every moment spent on campus with the young leaders.
Fereshata Rezaie
December 2017
The Law & Justice



YLP is such a wonderful life-changing experience. The mentors, fellow young leaders, and staff are all so warm and friendly. It gave me the chance to look at things from other perspectives, since we all come from various backgrounds and cultures. The stream was also an amazing part of it. We got the opportunity to be lectured by the experts and to feel how it is like to study in Melbourne.   I’ve found my second home and family in this program.
Rena Budiharta
July 2017
The Law & Justice 




Stepping out of my comfort zone to attend an overseas leadership oriented program such YLP, has been the most influential decision I have made. YLP offers us the platform to interact with culturally diverse students, and granted us a very positive perspective for future challenges. What we cherished the most about the YLP family was the motivation we received from one another to cultivate the confidence to build a strong global network and develop everlasting friendships.

Lilla Kenderes
July 2017
English Intensive- Drama & Communication 


Going to YLP really helped me to choose the course I want to take at college. It let me meet many amazing people who shared the same likes as me that I would have never met. During my time, there I made many memories that I will never forget.

Ian Coyukiat
July 2017
Arts and Law & Justice



I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the Young Leaders Program. The staff, mentors and fellow young leaders generated a wonderful home-away-from- home atmosphere throughout the program. I have acquired lifelong leadership skills in public speaking and developed great confidence and resilience. I'd strongly recommend you grab the chance to experience the amazing Young Leaders Program.

Kawlija Brahim
July 2017
Personal Development for Future Leaders 



The program has left me with a better idea of what subjects are available to me in the future and what paths I can take in university. It has given me opportunities to make new friends from different countries, test my limits, understand myself and discover my strengths. 

Devlin Gani          
December 2016
Commerce, Science & Engineering, Environment & Sustainability