Staff, Student and Alumni Profiles

Students at Trinity join a diverse and welcoming community of people from many backgrounds and with varied experiences of church and faith.

Trinity's students and alumni have gone on to make significant contributions to the wider church. This includes undertaking parish ministry (both lay and ordained), leading church agencies, being appointed as lecturers in theological colleges or as archdeacons or deans, and being elected as bishops, archbishops and primates of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Our students are taught by renowned leaders in theology, who have undertaken many interesting roles throughout their careers.


Student profile: Ferry Hasiholan

Ferry had always found comfort and community within the church. But after moving to Australia from Indonesia, he also found a path to further study, which...

Staff Q&A: Dorothy Lee

The Revd Canon Professor Dorothy Lee is Trinity College's Stewart Research Professor of New Testament. Growing up in a conservative family, Dorothy never saw...

Alum profile: Christopher Lim

Christopher joined Trinity College as a Foundation Studies student in 2009, not realising that he'd return to Trinity many years later to undertake...

Alum profile: Kathryn Watt

The Revd Kathryn Watt made a life-transforming decision, going from a lawyer to a priest.

Alum profile: Sammy Wilkinson

Sammy became disillusioned with the church as a teenager, but later came to see faith through a different lens.

Staff Q&A: Bob Derrenbacker

The Revd Canon Dr Bob Derrenbacker is the Dean of the Theological School at Trinity College and Frank Woods Associate Professor in New Testament. He's also a...

Alum profile: Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray admits that many others saw her leadership potential before she did, and she’s now thankful that she listened to her supporters, and her...

Alum profile: Suzannah Daniels

For this Master of Theological Studies graduate, theology is a family affair.

Alum profile: Heidin Kunoo

The Revd Heidin Kunoo grew up thinking that becoming a woman priest wasn't possible. But she ended up making the impossible a reality.

Alum profile: Melissa Clark

The Revd Melissa Clark found the inspiration and confidence at Trinity College to pursue a leadership role in the church, and now she’s hoping more women...

Staff Q&A: Fergus King

The Revd Dr Fergus King is our Farnham Maynard Lecturer in Ministry and Director of Trinity's Ministry Education Centre. He also has a strong relationship...

Alum profile: Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson moved to Australia from the US and found fulfilling roles working with therapy dogs and the NSW ambulance service, as well as further study.

Staff Q&A: Christopher Porter

The Revd Dr Chris Porter describes himself as a reluctant theologian, but when secular science couldn't answer all his questions, he turned to theological...

Student profile: Lachlan Davis

A scholarship allowed this Wollongong local to pursue his passion for biblical Hebrew.

Staff Q&A: Rachelle Gilmour

Dr Rachelle Gilmour, Bromby Senior Lecturer in Old Testament, wanted to be a secret agent, but a chance encounter with the book of Samuel saw her pursue a...

Staff Q&A: Mark Lindsay

The Revd Professor Mark Lindsay, Joan Munro Professor of Historical Theology and Deputy Dean, explains his interest in church history and Holocaust history...

Alum profile: Keiron Jones

The Revd Keiron Jones says studying theology prompted her to read widely, ask questions, think outside the box, and draw closer to God. She’s now an ordained...

Staff Q&A: Scott Kirkland

Dr Scott Kirkland, Trinity's John and Jeanne Stockdale Lecturer in Practical Theology and Ethics, explains why he is drawn to German language theology and...

Alum Profile: Christopher Waterhouse

Christopher Waterhouse talks about his experience studying via distance at Trinity College and how the diversity of his classes now help him in ministry.

Alum profile: Moe Win Tunkin

Moe Win Tunkin went from a refugee camp on the Mynamar-Thai border to becoming a priest, and his journey was based on a promise to God.

Student profile: Laura Cerbus

For Laura Cerbus, there’s something magnetic about ‘Trinity’. She attended Trinity Secondary School, then Trinity School for Ministry, both in Pennsylvania...

Student profile: Julia Thwaites

Julia Thwaites secured a Janette Gray scholarship to undertake a PhD at Trinity College, examining the intersection between pleasure, sin and repression.

Alum profile: Russell Goulbourne

The Revd Professor Russell Goulbourne felt a possible calling to ordained ministry in his late teens, but it wasn’t until he had an established career as a...

Alum profile: Jacob Deng Garang Akech

Deng Garang Akech Kuch (later to be known as Jacob) started believing in God because he could see no other way of surviving. Now, he can’t believe how far...