The Drama of Proclamation: Preaching to Raise the Dead

Field: Liturgy
Unit Code(s): DL3200T or CT3200T   
Unit value: 18 points
Level: Undergraduate (Level 3)
Delivery mode: Face-to-face only (Intensive)
Prerequisites: 30 points (two units) in Biblical Studies AND 30 points (two units) in Systematic Theology and/or Liturgy
Content: This unit introduces students to the practise of preaching in the Christian tradition. It examines the various models of preaching in recent homiletical literature and gives special attention to the responsibility of preaching from the Revised Common Lectionary in a regular liturgy of word and table. Participants in the course will have opportunity to ‘workshop’ their own preaching in the light of what they are learning.
Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • articulate a what a sermon is, and what it is for, in a genuinely theological manner
  • learn to construct and deliver a sermon that is theologically and rhetorically alive
  • critique their own sermons, and those of others, in the light of the homiletical literature
  • understand and articulate how a sermon is related to the Bible, Christian liturgy, and to keystone Christian doctrines such as the incarnation, the paschal mystery and the Trinity
  • understand and articulate something of the relatedness of preaching to the personhood and vocation of the ordained Christian minister
  • understand and articulate how a sermon is related to the pastoral horizon of local ecclesial culture
  • understand and articulate how a sermon is related to the broader horizons of contemporary history, culture and politics.
  • Skill demonstration: Sermon preached to class, submitted in writing, equivalent to 1,500 words (30%)
  • 2,500-word research essay (50%)
  • 1,000-word tutorial presentation (20%)
Recommended Reading:

*recommended for purchase

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Jana Childers, Performing the Word: Preaching as theatre, Abingdon Press, 2008

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