The Book of Psalms (2)

Field: Old Testament
Unit Code(s): BA2450T (Class based)
Unit value: 18 points
Level: Undergraduate (Level 2)
Delivery mode: Face-to-face
Prerequisites: BA1009T – Introduction to the Old Testament

The unit engages with the Book of Psalms, and the Christian tradition of reading and praying the psalms. Lectures on the structure and contents of the Psalter, its genres and theology will provide a framework for the exegesis of selected psalms and weekly guided personal and corporate prayer using the psalms. Reflection on documents from the Christian tradition will further enrich the participant’s insight into the spirituality of the Psalms. Participants will write brief reflective entries in a prayer journal to help integrate insights with praxis.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • exegete a psalm within its form critical and canonical context
  • analyse and evaluate scholarly approaches to reading the Psalms
  • integrate insights in spirituality of the Psalms from the Christian tradition
  • understand and apply insights to praying the Psalms.
  • 1,500-word exegesis (45%)
  • 2,000-word essay (45%)
  • Weekly reflective prayer journal, equivalent to 1,000 words (10%)
Recommended Reading:

* recommended for purchase

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