Introduction to Liturgical Thought & Practice P/G

Field: Liturgy
Unit Code(s): DL8200T (Class based)/DL8209T (Online) 
Unit value: 24 points
Level: Postgraduate (Foundational)
Delivery mode: Face-to-face and Online
Prerequisites: None
Content: This unit will explore the tradition and teaching of the church’s liturgical practice across ecumenical borders. It will begin with an historical overview of liturgical developments, including the early Church and the Reformation, and more recent movements for renewal, particularly since Vatican II. It will focus on the role of liturgy in the life of the church, and fundamental dimensions of liturgy such as symbol and ritual, the Word of God, the rhythms of time and liturgical space, and the dynamic interplay of liturgy, life and mission. The pastoral application of this learning will be a focus of the unit.
Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • account for the centrality of liturgy in the life of the church, in relation to its historical roots
  • explain the nature of liturgy as enacted symbol, identifying the core symbols
  • articulate and illustrate the connection between worship, Christian living and mission
  • utilise liturgical books and other resources to prepare specific pastoral liturgies
  • identify principles for the appropriate shaping and use of liturgy in different contexts.
  • utilise liturgical books and other resources to prepare context-specific liturgies.
  • 2,000-word composition of an annotated eucharistic prayer, with related rubrics (30%)
  • 2,000-word essay (30%)
  • 1,000-word case study (25%)
  • Journal (face-to-face) or tutorial reflection (online), equivalent to 1,000 words (15%)
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