Further Supervised Theological Field Education

Field: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies
Unit Code(s): DP2906T
Unit value: 18 points
Level: Undergraduate (2)
Delivery mode: Placement
Prerequisites: DP1906T Supervised Theological Field Education
Content: This unit will extend students awareness and use of the processes of field education and theological reflection. Through a supervised experience in a ministry context, students will establish learning goals appropriate to their learning stage and the context in which they are placed, and demonstrate the capacity for self-directed learning in their approach to their learning and the supervisory process. The unit will focus on the development of competency in and appropriate use of ministry skills, including theological reflection on ministry experience and the intentional integration of theological study and ministry practice.
Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • create and evaluate goals in the context of a field placement
  • document the learning which has resulted from the placement and their ministry experience
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the breadth of ministry skills required in the context in which the placement occurred
  • articulate the impact of theological reflection on their practice of ministry
  • reflect critically on the significance of the field placement for their spiritual and personal development and ministerial identity
  • evaluate their developing skills in ministry practice and theological reflection through comparison with the placement undertaken for DP1906T
  • 2 x reports (mid-placement & end of placement), equivalent of 2,000 words in total (60%)
  • 1 x essay of 2,500 words, including theological reflection, on a key aspect of the learning experience (40%)
Teaching Method:

Students undertake a field placement in a ministry setting. Students negotiate and evaluate the field placement through a Supervised Theological Field Education Coordinator. The Coordinator will facilitate orientation and end of placement review seminars, and individual meetings with students throughout the placement. While on placement students attend regular meetings with an accredited Placement Supervisor and with a field committee as appropriate, and engage in a peer group process for theological reflection.

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