Faith in Jesus Christ (Diploma)


Field: Systematic Theology
Unit Code(s): CT0209T (Online)
Unit value: 18 points
Level: Diploma only
Delivery mode: Online
Prerequisites: CT0019T Doing Theology: An Introduction

The unit aims to help students understand and engage thoughtfully with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. In exploring the doctrine of the person and work of Jesus Christ as hope for the world, the unit explores the doctrine of the Incarnation and the significance of the crucifixion, resurrection and hope for human kind and for creation. The unit is also an exploration of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Show understanding of the theology about Jesus Christ.
  • Identify the key developments in the definitions of Nicaea and Chalcedon.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of different models of atonement in relation to Jesus Christ.  
  • Demonstrate awareness of some of the contemporary theologies of Jesus Christ, in Trinitarian perspective. 
  • Two 250-word quizzes (20%)
  • 1,000-word essay (30%)
  • 1,500-word essay (50%)
Recommended Reading:

*set texts recommended for purchase

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