Trinity College Theological School is a community where education is wider and deeper than lectures and books alone.

Image depicting three women, and two men who are staff members of Trinity College Theological School and standing in front of the Old Warden's Lodge.

Social Life

Sharing experiences – whether in class, at Chapel, over meals, or at other times – is a crucial aspect of growth and learning.

Members of staff and students support each other and learn to accept difference. They appreciate the points of view and experiences of others as essential steps in preparation for ministry.

Structured ways of being together are incorporated into the program, particularly on Mondays in the Ministry Formation Program. All Theology students have access to the Theology Common Room in the Old Warden's Lodge. They are also an integral part of the wider Trinity College community, have full use of the College libraries and other facilities, and may purchase lunch in the College Dining Hall.

Spiritual life

Prayer and worship are central to the life of the School. The Trinity College Chapel, adjacent to the Theological School, is open each day. Staff and students plan and lead services centred on A Prayer Book for Australia, and shaped for the community context.

Morning Prayer (The Daily Office) is said each weekday (except Thursday), and the Eucharist is celebrated on Monday afternoon and Thursday morning during term. All members of the Theological School community are expected to participate when possible.

The School conducts an Annual Retreat for those participating in the Ministry Education Program. This is a time to enhance community as well as providing space for prayer and silence.

Pastoral Support

While Trinity College encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own health and welfare, the College recognises there are times and situations when students may value extra support or advice. Dealing with the stresses of student life – concerns over career and studies, personal problems, disputes or health issues – can sometimes be overwhelming.

Trinity College students should feel free to talk in strict confidence to any member of the Theological School staff. Many of the lecturers and staff of the Theological School are ordained ministers, and are available as a first point of call should you be anxious, or just feel like talking. We can then refer you to appropriate professional assistance if you would like further help. The members of the College's Chaplaincy team are also there to help.

There are several levels of the pastoral care network, depending on whether a student wishes to speak to a member of staff, or a fellow student, about what is on their mind. Students must be aware of the Code of Conduct, which sets out expectations of behaviour, and provides mechanisms for reporting or dealing with situations that may have caused you distress.