Scholarships for Undergraduates

Trinity College does not believe financial capacity should determine access to higher education.

Our financial assistance scholarships aim to break down barriers and provide many more opportunities for students of exceptional promise from across Australia and around the world to attend university and experience life as a member of a vibrant and engaged college community.

Thanks to the generous and far-sighted support of Trinity alumni, donors and friends the Residential College is able to award $1.6 million in fee-remission scholarships each year. While there are some awards for academic excellence, the majority of scholarships are designated for those who require financial assistance.

Students applying for a scholarship must complete the Residential College Scholarship Form. All information contained in your scholarship application will remain strictly confidential. Applications are considered on a case by case basis.

The College will then allocate the following scholarships.

A C Thompson Scholarship
A G Miller Scholarship
A G L and Peggy Shaw Scholarship
A J Herd Scholarship
A M White Scholarship
Agnes Tait Robertson Scholarship for Creative Arts
Alan Patterson International Scholarship
Amy Smith Scholarship
Arthur Hills Scholarship
Barry and Margot Capp Scholarship
Campbell Scholarship
Charles Abbott Scholarship
Charles Hebden Memorial Scholarship
Cheong Yu-Lin Endowment Fund for Social Sciences
Clarke Scholarship
Cybec IT Scholarship
Cybec Scholarship 
David Jackson Scholarship
David Wells Law Scholarship
Donald Markwell Scholarship
Dr Andrew Fraser Medical Scholarship
Dr Susan Lim Medical Scholarship
Elizabeth Hebden Scholarship
Ethel and Edwin Cooper Scholarship
Evan Burge Entrance Scholarship
F F Knight Scholarship
F L Armytage Scholarship 
Frank Henagan Scholarship
Geoffrey Simon Music Scholarship
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Scholarship
Henry Berthon Scholarship
Ian Home McKenzie Medical Scholarship
J H Sutton Scholarship
James A Grant Entrance Scholarship
James Guest Memorial Medical Scholarship 
James Guest Science Scholarship
John D Balmford Accounting Scholarship 
John Emmerson Scholarship
John Gibson Newcomers
John Liversidge Scholarship
Kenneth Moore Music Scholarship
Le Souef Medical Scholarship
Leith Hancock Scholarship
Lilian Alexander Medical Scholarship
Maurice Hurry Law Scholarship
Miltiades and Alkestis Chryssavgis Scholarship
Nerida Wylie Scholarship
Perry Scholarship
R A Must Scholarship
Randal and Louisa Alcock Scholarship
Randolph Creswell Engineering Scholarship
Reginald M V Blakemore Scholarship
Robert B Lewis Scholarship
Ronald Cowan Scholarship
R F Stuart-Burnett Scholarship
S R Stoneman Scholarship 
Simon Fraser Scholarship
Singapore Educational Scholarship
Sydney Wynne Scholarship
Trinity General Scholarship
Trinity International Scholarships
Trinity Resident Theological Scholarship
William Cain Scholarship