Sport plays a big part in student life at Trinity.

The availability of high quality sporting facilities – tennis courts, squash courts, the football ground, soccer field, athletics track, indoor swimming centre, gymnasium and indoor sports centre – at the College and the University of Melbourne, and the provision of opportunities for participants with all levels of skill, make joining in simple and appealing. 

Most sports are played at a competitive amateur level. Intercollegiate competitions in the key sports are played in short seasons of no more than a month to fit in with University course commitments. Competition is ‘round robin’ style, and events are widely supported by the whole College community. All students are encouraged to try out for teams and should register their interest with their Sports Representative.

Trinity’s Bulpadock, the large grassed College quadrangle, is used for fitness training and practice as well as encouraging casual field games. Backyard cricket, soccer, basketball, tennis and squash are all played. Indoors, the darts and billiards competitions are also popular among students.

Students can participate in team and individual sports to a high level of ability, and also develop sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership. Specialist sports coaches help build students’ skills and fitness levels.

Participation in sport is voluntary, but warmly encouraged, and there are many opportunities for those who are not particularly skilled but simply want to have a go. Opportunities to compete in team sports in a more light-hearted but no less committed way are provided in teams like the 'Football All Stars'. College life presents the perfect chance to try different sports for the first time. 

Intercollegiate competition

Intercollegiate competition with teams from other residential colleges of the University of Melbourne are coordinated and supported by the Women’s and Men’s Sports Representatives of The Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) Committee.

Captains of each sport organise try-out sessions and training, and select teams to represent Trinity in the various competitions organised by the Intercollegiate Sports Committee (ICSC). Many of the most popular sports field multiple teams, enabling people to get involved at every level of experience and skill. 

There is a tradition of rugby union at Trinity that appeals especially to students from New South Wales and Queensland. A rugby union game is held each year against Ormond College.

The College’s rowing VIIIs have always been competitive, and an annual intercollegiate rowing regatta is held each year in Semester 1 on the Yarra River.

Trinity’s teams compete enthusiastically – and with a very strong record of success – in the intercollegiate competition each year in the following sports:

Women’s Teams:

Softball, volleyball, rowing, hockey, soccer, football, netball, athletics, swimming.

Men’s Teams:

Cricket, volleyball, rowing, rugby, soccer, hockey, athletics, swimming, football.

Mixed Teams:

Squash, badminton, table tennis, tennis.

Competition is held every second year on rotation in: 

  • women’s soccer
  • men’s hockey, basketball and volleyball
  • mixed badminton and table tennis.

Other sporting activities:

  • inter-building competitions (favourites include backyard cricket and harroway tennis) 
  • snow/skiing excursions
  • surfing excursions.