Laura Ward

Laura Ward was born and brought up in a small rural Victorian town, Euroa. She attended Euroa Secondary College the local secondary school from years 7–12.

Laura 206x304After completing school she took a gap year, where she volunteered at a scout camp in England as an outdoor activity instructor and lifeguard. Thus began a passion for outdoor adventure and also travel, after following this, spending 4 months backpacking in Europe with friends. Laura is currently in the second year of a Bachelor of Science degree, with a focus on anatomy, physiology, microbiology and immunology and biochemistry. She is looking to some day join the medical science field, with hopes of taking her skills overseas and also back to rural Victoria.

Laura is an enthusiastic netball player and represented Trinity in 2012. She also enjoys tennis, along with casual indoor rockclimbing. She has spent time volunteering at the River Nile Learning Centre, as a tutor for young African refugee women, helping to build their literacy and numeracy skills. She throughly enjoys this type of work and hopes to pursue more in the future.

'The Trinity Leadership Challenge will provide an opportunity for me to excel mentally and physically. It is a unique experience that combines many of my interests such as travel and new cultures and the unprecedented physical challenge. I appreciate the opportunity to extend my experiences and be a part of something I wouldn’t have had the chance to do before. I am excited to be a part of such a dynamic and enthusiastic team and will endeavour to contribute all that I can to make this a successful and rewarding trip for everyone.'