Imogen Smith-Waters

Imogen studied at Geelong Grammar School and is in the final year of an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in media communications.

Imogen 204x306Imogen is also completing a Diploma in Global Issues focused on international studies. Next year Imogen hopes to continue her studies in the Juris Doctor law program. She is drawn to the idea of working with organisations oriented around social justice and human rights and would like to work overseas. At Trinity, Imogen has been involved in rowing, music as well as the Trinity International Student Society. She is currently volunteering as an English tutor at the River Nile Learning Centre for young African refugee women.

‘This opportunity offers a lot in terms of development, experience and learning. I’m really interested to learn about leadership development through the workshops we have planned and am looking forward to the physical and mental challenges of preparing for and completing the trek. The community service we aim to do as a group is another highlight of the program as a way to put something back, meet new people and develop new skills along the way. I feel like this will be a challenging and very rewarding experience.’