David Youl

David Youl is a first year commerce student from England, who has been at College since second semester, 2012. He attended Highgate School in North London, where he lived after emigrating, at six months of age, from Sydney.

David 204x306David has a keen interest in business ethics, along with finance and economics and plans on majoring in the latter two disciplines. His long term aspiration is to become involved in the motor industry, an area he is also passionate about, taking a role related to business strategy. David is also a rugby player who has played for Trinity, and is also enthusiastic about travel and cookery. David currently volunteers at a soccer club strongly affiliated with Trinity that aims to provide extracurricular activities to disadvantaged children from Carlton.

'The Trinity Leadership Challenge is one of the most interesting and rewarding projects that I will undertake during my time at university. I have always enjoyed experiencing diverse cultures and so making the trip to Kokoda is extremely attractive. I imagine that the physical and mental effort involved in preparing for the expedition will be a hugely beneficial aspect in the long run. I find the leadership workshops immensely informative and I hope that I can transfer something of what I learn to benefit of our College and eventually, the wider community.'