Cale Dobrosak

Cale Dobrosak is in the second year of his Biomedicine degree, double majoring in neuroscience and human structure and function.

Cale DobrosakUpon completing his undergraduate degree next year, Cale hopes to continue with a Doctor of Medicine postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne. Completing VCE at Bacchus Marsh Grammar School, Cale was made School Captain in 2011, before commencing at Trinity College in 2012. Cale is very involved in the College community, coordinating the Oak Program chat series, contributing to Clubs and Societies events as a Committee Member and assisting with two orientation weeks as a Buddy. He is an avid supporter of cultural and sporting events at the College, and has participated in cricket and football as well as his involvement on the Musical and Ball sub committees last year. Cale also volunteers at the River Nile Learning centre and also works part-time as a lifeguard. 

'My approach towards the challenge has been exemplified by my resolve to further my own personal development and leadership skills. I see it has a thorough test, mentally and physically. By managing such a large venture, along with other College commitments and University work, the challenge is a crucial learning experience, both educationally and through the essence of the program’s intensity. In many ways, this challenge represents the values and strength of the opportunities offered at College; ventures that all Trinity residents should have the chance to strive towards and experience. We are being exposed to situations and knowledge that will help us excel personally and professionally.'