The past year has been like no other and we recently spoke to a few of our current students and alumni as they reflected on their online learning experience at Trinity College and provided an update on life in Melbourne after our COVID-19 lockdown.

See what some of our other students have to say about our online learning.


Student reflection video

Andrea Salvador​, Philippines
August Main 2020

“I enjoy having more time to complete my assignments and undertake more activities for myself! I also feel much more comfortable asking questions virtually.”

“It’s an easier and more convenient schedule to follow.”

"The online running classes so far is good as well as taking the class face to face. I feel good during this special period."

Grace Liu, China
August Main 2019
Denise Yi Ting Liaw, Malaysia
February Main 2020
Meenakshi Jyothi Mothy, Singapore
February Main 2020

“Online learning is better than learning at school - we do not have to get up early and get dressed and spend time whichever way to attend school. It is good and safe for the current period, I believe it will be the way of future - Trinity is really ahead of that!”

“With online learning I enjoy learning at my own pace, waking up at whatever time I want and having everything I need for my studies at hand without moving from place to place. Time I would’ve used to move from class to class is better used for the completion of more work.”

"It is a good time to focus more on personal goal and mind during this isolation."

Min Thant Aung, Myanmar
February Main 2020
Vo Anh Dieu Linh​, Vietnam
August Main 2019
Kiara Wang, China
February Main 2020

“Everyone is willing to participate; everyone sounds very enthusiastic and happy.”

“Group work online is really great, teachers know how to manage the class and students efficiently.”

“The counselling and medical care team has been amazing and very supportive.”

Amanda Chen, Taiwan
February Main 2020
Wendy Liu, Vietnam
February Main 2020
Hannah Kezia Pattiasina, Indonesia
February Main 2020

"Moving to an online platform proved efficient in the delivery of the academic material. I feel I have more control over my academic material. I feel I have more control over my academic life as well as peace of mind since I am not rushing between classes. Even still, the teachers are more accessible."

"Quarantine is a good time for me to think about my future major and my plans in university. Learning online is kind of a new thing, a challenge for me. But it helps me to organise my study time and leisure time."