Online Lecture Videos

Did you miss one of our live lectures or what to watch it again? Well you're in luck, we have them all saved here for you.

English for Academic Purposes
Learn about the origins and influences of everyday English in Australia and find out how it has developed in our culture.
History of Ideas
Delve into an array of 'big' concepts and movements within Western tradition and look at some of the answers to these big questions.
Mathematics 2
Learn about logic, statistics and coding as they relate to the coronavirus.
Explore the interactions between atoms and find out why chemistry is such a big part of our everyday lives.
Environment, Development & Design
Explore the concept of sustainability and learn why cities need to be sustainable and what design features can be used to ensure they are.
Mathematics 1
Take a look into the wonderful world of mathematics. 
Learn what drives life on earth, and how it all works.
Take a journey through three of the key topics studied in the TCFS Literature program.