Homestay is where students live in the private home of an approved host family.

The student has a private bedroom furnished with a wardrobe or cupboard, a desk and a single or double bed, and shares other facilities with their host family.

The student prepares their own breakfast and lunch, and the host family provides the evening meal.

Home-stay placements are organised through the Trinity College Foundation Studies Accommodation Office (TCFS) alongside Homestay Australia and Student Accommodation Services.

Homestay Australia

Placement fee: AUD 250
Weekly board:  AUD 310
(4 weeks payable on application)

Contact: Mr Stefan Morgan
T: +61 0 400 468 658


Student Accommodation Services (SAS)

Placement fee: AUD 220
Weekly board:  AUD 330 including internet
(4 weeks payable on application)

Contact: Ms Kelly Baldasso
T: +61 3 9485 1902


PLEASE NOTE: Prices listed, and photos are indicative only and subject to change without notice.  Students and their families are responsible for making their own assessment of the information provided and of the suitability of the accommodation. Trinity will not accept any liability that may be incurred by any person acting in reliance upon the information provided.

Payment method and holiday payment

There is no refund when a student wishes to move out earlier or before the 4 weeks.
The homestay fee also covers charges for electricity and gas but not for internet and telephone calls.

You must observe and comply with the homestay agent’s payment methods. Do not make or accept a private arrangement with your host as it is a breach of the homestay rules. A vacant rate (reduced fee) is payable when you are on holidays.
Check with your homestay agent for the rate.

Location and travelling

Students will usually need to travel at least 30-45 minutes on public transport from their homestay to Trinity College and the University of Melbourne.

Change of homestay

A change of homestay after arrival can be requested. Students will need to wait 6 weeks after the course commencement date before an application will be processed (except under exceptional circumstances).

For homestay Student Accommodation Services: one week notice/warning to the homestay family is required. For Homestay Australia: two weeks notice/warning to the homestay family is required.


Students should be made aware of the need to be flexible and not too fussy with their preferences in homestay accommodation. For example, requesting their host is a specific age and culture, no pets, no children or other students will limit the options available to them. The more specific preferences requested by the student, the harder these are to fulfill.

A homestay is only allowed to accept a maximum of three students at any one time.

A host may be:

  • a couple – with or without children
  • a single woman – with or without children
  • a single man – with children


Board/fee includes three meals per day.

Breakfast is arranged on a self-serve basis. Foods are provided by the homestay host and students help themselves and prepare their own meal. Usually a choice of cereal, toast, condiments and milk is provided. Some hosts may offer rice or noodles. If assistance is required in preparing breakfast, students should ask their host.

Lunch is arranged on a self-serve basis. Foods are provided by the homestay host and students help themselves and prepare their own meal. Lunch preferences should be discussed with the host. Usually a choice of sandwiches is offered, however some may offer instant noodles, or a container of food to be heated plus piece of fruit. If assistance is required in preparing lunch, students should ask their host.

A cooked meal provided by the host. Dinner preferences should be discussed with the host. The homestay family can provide different styles of food ie Western and Asian. Students should inform their host of the foods they like to eat.


Students over the age of 18 are expected to wash and iron their own clothes. If a student is unsure how to do this they should ask their host. Some hosts will provide full service. If a student is under 18 the host does the student’s washing and ironing, unless the student prefers to do this them self.


Students are expected to clean their own room and to keep it tidy. For students under 18, the host will vacuum their room but it is the student’s responsibility to keep it tidy. When students use areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, they must be left clean and tidy.


Students pay for all local and mobile calls. International calls MUST be made with a prepaid international phone card.


Internet access is available for research, homework and email. The cost is AUD 40 per month. This is an additional charge to the homestay weekly charge.

Movie/games should not be downloaded without permission from the host.

Bathrooms and water usage

Although water restrictions have been eased in Victoria, there are permanent water saving rules, therefore please keep water usage to a minimum at your homestay

To assist your homestay host conserve water usage, here are some guidelines:

  • take short showers no longer than four to five minutes
  • turn off the taps when not using water
  • wash only a full load of clothes instead of a few items.

General House Rules

Every homestay family has its own house rules. Please check and discuss the homestay rules with your host to avoid confusion or any misunderstandings. Below are some general homestay rules:

  • good manners are expected. Always treat your host family the way you would like to be treated
  • women and men are treated as equal and very few homes have servants
  • knock on the door before you enter the bathroom, toilet and bedrooms
  • do not enter the bedrooms of other members of the host family or other students’ rooms
  • do not spend too long in the shower and when finished in the bathroom or another room, always clean upafter yourself
  • if you are going to be home late or late for dinner, inform your host
  • if you are not going to be home for dinner, please inform your host as early as possible
  • ask your host for permission if you wish to bring a friend home. Introduce them to your host and if they wish to join you for a meal please check with your host before inviting them
  • always ask your host for permission if you wish for a friend to stay overnight
  • always tell your host if you are staying at a friend’s home overnight and if you are under 18 parental consent is required
  • always inform your host where you are and how you can be contacted in case of an emergency

Note for under 18 students

Your visa is approved for you to stay at your current accommodation. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of your student visa.

Should you have any accommodation queries, please contact the TCFS AccommodationOffice:
E: T:+61393487144