Private Rentals

The option of private rental accommodation provides students with greater independence and also the responsibility of cooking. Some choose to share a house or flat with other Foundation Studies students.


It is advisable that students ensure they can live comfortably with the others and agree on house rules

Private rental arrangements are not an option for students under the age of 18. 

This type of accommodation is generally unfurnished, and students need to allow some time before their course starts to find suitable accommodation and set themselves up, ensuring they have funds to purchase furniture and equipment.

Each student is responsible for their agreed share of the rent for the entire period of their lease, which is normally 12 months. If they vacate before the end of the lease period, they may still need to continue paying the rent for the duration of the original contract. The costs of electricity, gas and telephone are additional.

Australian real estate agents generally require one month's rent in advance plus a refundable security deposit (bond), typically equivalent to a month's rent.

For further information regarding renting and your rights and responsibilities, please refer to the Tenants Union of Victoria.

Recommended Real Estate Agents:

Paragon Real Estate

Recommended Short Term Accommodation Providers:

RNR Serviced Apartments

Note: Students and visiting parents may require temporary accommodation when they first arrive in Melbourne while they are looking for a suitable place. The Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) Accommodation Office can assist with arranging temporary accommodation.