30-Year Anniversary

Our Foundation Studies program kicked off 30 years ago, so in 2020, we're celebrating the staff, students and alumni who have made the program what it is by sharing 30 stories.

Do you have a story to share? Email us at alumni@trinity.unimelb.edu.au.

Trang Dang: awakening Vietnam’s sleep industry

After a back injury left Trinity College alum Trang Dang in pain and unable to sleep, she knew Vietnam’s sleep industry needed disrupting. She also needed to...

24 Jun 2020

Cheng Tan: setting international students on the right path

A positive experience as an international student in her youth ultimately inspired Dr Cheng Tan to support other students moving to Australia.

16 Jun 2020

Jane Sykes: helping students tackle the world’s big issues

With a passion for the environment that was sparked in the geography lessons of her own school days, the teacher behind one of Foundation Studies’ most...

05 Jun 2020

Nana Tomihara: preserving languages in the face of globalisation

With modern society and business relying on English to communicate, we risk losing some of the world’s languages and the traditions and cultures that go with...

27 May 2020

The story of the subject many of our students fear ... then come to love

During these strange times when we – and many other educational institutions – have had to re-think the way we teach, we take a look at how a trailblazing...

12 May 2020

Elspeth & Barbara: Which came first – the flute or the bassoon?

Elspeth McCracken-Hewson and Barbara Trauer are sisters whose lives have followed remarkably similar trajectories. Both studied science, started their...

28 Apr 2020

Amesh Perera: mixing climate science with a side of heavy metal

From reading about global affairs to jamming heavy metal with his mum, Amesh Perera’s ambition to pursue a career in both music and geography was made...

17 Apr 2020

Steven Ng: how a Foundation Studies experience can come full circle

Trinity’s Foundation Studies has a way of pulling you back in – from Foundation Studies student, to College resident, and then, sometimes, to Foundation...

02 Apr 2020

Mum, brother, son: Trinity lays foundation for strong family connection

When Phoebe Ang Si Oon travelled to Melbourne in 1993 to further her education, little did she know she would become the first of three members of her family...

31 Mar 2020

Janusz Sysak: opening minds, one day at a time

Dr Janusz Sysak has spent over two decades teaching international students how to navigate their own path at Trinity College.

11 Mar 2020

Jack Qian: drama classes, Shakespeare readings and Google maps

Stumbling on Shakespearean words during a drama class isn’t something many students would consider when enrolling in Foundation Studies, but it’s something...

26 Feb 2020

Barry Tse: falling for the fairytale

One of the first to enrol in our Foundation Studies program, Barry Tse attributes much of his approach to life and business to his experiences at Trinity...

13 Feb 2020

Say Chin Lim offers new students a compassionate welcome

Empathy, connection and a community approach to mental health make all the difference to a student’s education, says our Student Wellbeing Manager.

06 Feb 2020

Honorary Associate Professor Tony Buzzard

Alum and Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Tony Buzzard (TC 1960), tells of how Trinity’s international school came into being, and the many challenges faced...

22 Jan 2020

Our Pathways School is turning 30 – and we’re celebrating!

How was our Pathways School established? Who were the key stakeholders driving the initiative? What kind of people have studied with us, and where are they...

13 Jan 2020