Mathematics 1


This subject develops mathematical knowledge and skills in pre-calculus, calculus, matrices, statistics and probability, as preparation for a wide variety of university courses. 

Course Outline

Semester 1

  • review of algebra and trigonometry
  • functions, applications of derivatives
  • limits, continuity, differentiability, differentiation from first principles, differentiation formulae
  • anti-differentiation, fundamental theorem of calculus, evaluation of areas.

Semester 2

  • indefinite integrals and further applications of integration
  • matrix methods, statistics 
  • permutations and combinations
  • introduction to probability, probability distributions, expected value, standard deviation
  • binomial, hypergeometric and geometric distributions
  • continuous probability density functions, mean, median, variance and applications
  • normal distribution, confidence intervals for a population proportion.


Class work: 5%
Exams: 95%

Subject Leader

Dr. Hamed Moradi
BCom/BSc, BSc(Hon), PhD Monash

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