Interview practice

The key to a successful interview is research and practice.

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Pre-interview preparation is crucial. As the old saying goes, ‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Of course you won’t know the questions you will face. But you can walk in feeling more confident knowing you have prepared and have a firm understanding of the role and the organisation you wish to join.

Interview Stream, an online mock interview tool, allows you to practice answering industry-specific questions and reviewing your recorded answers so you can reduce that ‘um factor’.

It also has a wide variety of interview tips and insights into reasoning behind behavioural questions (the most commonly asked interview questions).

It will help you understand what the organistion wants to know when they ask you a particular question, and will help you be better prepared. 

Develop a 60-second elevator pitch to use either in an interview or in a networking situation. This will also allow you to speak confidentially about yourself and let you answer that difficult icebreaking question, ‘So tell me about yourself’.

Part of your pre-interview preparation is to also research the office culture of your potential employer. It takes just seven seconds to make that first impression, so dress professionally when attending an interview and ensure you arrive on time.

Helpful styling tips

Style Yourself – from student to professional video.