Overseas Student Health Cover

The Department of Home Affairs (HA) requires that international students have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their studies in Australia, prior to applying for a student visa.

Trinity College will arrange Visa Length OSHC on behalf of all students through Bupa. The OSHC fee will be outlined on the first page of Trinity College’s Letter of Offer. The OSHC fee commences from the date of arrival in Australia until the student visa end date. This is called Visa Length Cover (VLC).

Please note that it is not mandatory for Trinity College to organise OSHC on behalf of students.  Students are able to organise their own health insurance.  However if a student organises their own health insurance, Trinity College will require proof of cover.

Students who are applying for a packaged visa for Trinity College and the University of Melbourne must pay the OSHC fee upfront for the length of visa. Trinity’s Confirmation of Enlroment (COE) will display the OSHC dates for the packaged visa (Trinity and the University of Melbourne) for the purpose of the initial student visa lodgement.

Membership with Bupa commences on the student's date of arrival in Australia. Students must use their membership cards when visiting a doctor, making claims, arranging admission into hospital or when making enquires. It is important to keep all receipts for prescriptions and medical consultations for claiming purposes.

 Bupa cover includes:

  • 24-hour student advice line available in over 180 languages and providing emergency and non-emergency support, general advice and interpretation services
  • 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule for outpatient services including GP visits, radiology and pathology
  • 100% of Emergency Ambulance Services

For further information on cover, options and costs click here, visit www.bupa.com.au/students or send an email to uom@bupa.com.au. You can reach OSHC by telephone on 1800 644 111 (general enquiries), or 1300 884 235 (24-hour student advice line).


To obtain your Bupa OSHC card

Log onto www.MyBupa.com.au;

  • Update your local address and order your membership card
  • Confirm other personal details such as name and date of birth
  • Option to extend cover should your end date be different to what you have purchased


1. Visit the member self-service area – www.bupa.com.au
2. Visit the Bupa representative at the University of Melbourne Heath Service
138-146 Cardigan St, Carlton.
 Hours – Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)
3. Telephone –1800 644 111
4. Email: uom@bupa.com.au