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This section of our website is full of useful information for you as you prepare to move to Melbourne and study with us.

Immigration and Customs

Passengers entering Australia will be given an Incoming Passenger Card that includes a Customs Declaration. Custom regulations are strict – you must declare any goods or items listed on the form including food, plant material or animal products.


Generally, no special immunisations or medications are necessary for travel to Australia but make sure you check with your physician prior to departure. Bring any medications in their original, labelled containers and include a signed, dated letter from your physician describing your medical condition and medications. Key medical locations near our campus include:

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

View the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website for information regarding what you cannot bring in to Australia. 

Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affiars website is a great source of information for students coming to Australia to study.

Moving to Australia

Moving Services provides helpful information on planning your move to Australia.