Orientation Information

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Foundation Studies Program and are on your way to success at the University of Melbourne or other prestigious universities in Australia or overseas.

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This section of our website is full of useful orientation information for you. As we have a number of intakes that commence in the middle of the year, please check the intake that you are enrolled and download the relevant information below.

Please note there are three intakes commencing in August. Are you unsure which intake you are enrolled in? Check your Letter of Offer.

Please note: Students will receive their full orientation timetable on their first day of student registration at Trinity College.

2019 Intakes

February Main  

Commencing Monday 4 February 2019 

February Main Welcome Letter    

February Main Orientation Procedures

March Extended 

Commencing Monday 18 February 2019 

March Extended Course Information

March Extended Welcome Letter

March Extended Orientation Procedures


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