Trinity College grounds

From the Warden of Trinity College

Wednesday 23 August 2017 was an important day in the history of our College. After many months of consultation and planning, the Board approved the six Flagship Initiatives in the College’s Strategic Plan.

KH 015 Ken 260617The planning process identified a range of external factors that could influence the College in the future. These included developments in international education, ongoing demand for Residential College places and the sources of residential students, and trends in theological education

More than 600 stakeholders were consulted during July and August 2016 as part of the planning process. These stakeholders played a role in shaping our vision to be a vibrant and diverse community, inspiring and enabling students of exceptional promise to imagine and achieve a better world. 

Our Strategic Plan outlines a vision of expanding, diversifying and strengthening what is already a truly transformative educational and life experience. Approval of the initiatives will have a profound effect on the future of the College, as the plan sets the direction for the next ten years. It demonstrates our desire to continue to provide students of exceptional promise with a community in which they can flourish. 

Central to the Strategic Plan are our goals for continual development of College programs and for facilities that are state of the art. 

These goals are ambitious, but we believe they are achievable. With your support, and with the support of our talented students, alumni and staff, we have every reason to be excited and confident for the future. 

I am deeply grateful to everyone who plays a role in helping us achieve our goals, and I look forward to your continuing support as we move toward the next exciting phase in the life of our College.

Professor Ken Hinchcliff

Warden and CEO