At Trinity we offer a range of peacebuilding programs to students, staff and alumni.

Peace Education is an interdisciplinary study emerging globally. Drawing from a range of fields including political science, sociology, law and psychology, students study factors that create and sustain conflicts and develop practical methods to prevent and diffuse violence, as well as facilitate and support transformative conflict and cross-cultural leadership.

Peacebuilder's Conference

Foundation Studies students engage in cultural dance at Peacebuilder’s 2019.

Peacebuilder’s is an annual, student-led event, hosting international leaders and artists who imagine and achieve a better world. Previous guests have included Isaiah Firebrace, David Anderson Hooker, Sarah Snow and David Vincent. A feature of the day is the Global Pathways Festival, where students share their national foods and crafts, traditional dress, music and dance, with the Trinity community.

Peace & Leadership Program

The Peace and Leadership Program is a year-long internship where students are trained in peacebuilding and culturally intelligent leadership. The program is designed for students currently studying at the University of Melbourne, who aspire to engage in global and local peacebuilding initiatives within public or private sectors. The course focusses on cross-cultural leadership, community development, restorative justice practice, gender studies and Indigenous reconciliation processes.

Trinity Peace Scholars

Shiung Low (Foundation Studies Valedictorian, 1997), is a Melbourne-based architect, business-owner and founder of ValueLab, an award-winning, global social impact corporation.

Shiung Low (Foundation Studies Valedictorian, 1997), is a Melbourne-based architect, business-owner and founder of ValueLab, an award-winning, global social impact corporation.

We are currently gathering a team to pilot a Trinity Peace Scholars Program in 2022, which will gather Alumni from around the world. Students will have the opportunity to engage with local and global peacebuilding experts, including Shiung Low, Red Hong Yi and Elaine Prately, to enhance their professional development portfolio. As well as working with our partner organisations, participants will meet with Trinity Alumni who are imagining and achieving a better world.

Caux Scholars Australia


The Caux Scholars Program (CSP)organised by Initiatives of Change (IofC), is part of an active alumni network of more than 1,000 people from 109 countries. The leaders represent diverse cultures, beliefs, languages, educational and religious backgrounds.

CSP is a multi-discipline study course and network of global leaders, influencers, activists, expert scholars, and practitioners who share their critical knowledge and experiences in addressing conflicts of many kinds in over 60 countries.

During the 2019 program, twenty-one (21) in-depth contextual analyses of context-specific conflicts were presented by Scholars on Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, India, Iran, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Switzerland, Syria, Tibet, Ukraine, and the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is currently postponed, but we plan to host Caux Scholars program in Australia in 2023. Trinity College students will be offered the unique opportunity to connect with this world-class cohort of peacebuilders.